It’s a journey will pass through!

Life is full of ups and downs
Sunny and raining sometimes
Full of struggles and at times calm
Bags of worries and happy loot bags
Some obligations and commitments
A constant fight for rights and right things
On top of all this life is too short they say
And sometimes you feel it’s too long
Remember to enjoy and roll over once in a while
For life is not always full of grass
There are some thorns and twigs too
Make sure they don’t get into you
As it’s a journey and we all will pass through!

The journey just began…!


The journey I took 22 years ago,
One way ticket to Toronto,
Still remember the night I landed,
With no idea where to go whom to talk to,
Cause you got to protect from strangers,
Yet a stranger helped me find a hotel,
A place where I thought through my plan,
A night changed me
From a scared to responsible,
Next day started with hunt
for place and job,
And the journey continued
from one place to the other,
One job to the other,
Learned people one by one,
On my way found some friends,
Whom you think are close were who used,
Others showed the path to liberate,
With determination and struggles,
Found new ways and new learnings,
Found a sales person inside me,
Who led to success one after the other,
Today, I look back with full of gratitude,
Humility and humanity taught love wins
No matter who you are, what you are
A journey we all have to take of our own,
From one place to the other and it goes on…!

The story of happiness!


There are vessels around us
Big and small some empty
And some full of wishes
Some are filled with tears
Some with loads of food
Yet the vessel makes noise
I am hungry, I am starving
I am unhappy, I am dying
They look colorful outside
Inside its all dark and scary
If we all share our vessels
We can share what we have
The needy can get some life
The loaded one feel not guilty
Imagine the vessels singing
It won’t be noise anymore
The vessels will be colorful
Inside and out being real
And musical with percussion
Happiness can live there too!
~ Dawn #happypoetrymonth #aprilthepoetrymonth

Let me …!

I believe I can fly,
Yes, I can at least try,
Let me study like others,
I also have my dreams,
That I want to fulfill,
Don’t cripple my wings,
Don’t stop my way,
Let me be who I am,
Don’t take my books away
Let me compete like everyone,
Let me stand on my own,
But just let me!

There’s more to her story…!


She is pure like this pretty flower,
She is smart and determined too,
She is capable and elegant indeed,
She has to work hard to be,
She is intimidating to some may be,
But her struggle is different than all,
Was she born like this? No, I would say!
Did she ask for to be born like this?
No, I would say!
Everyone sees the beauty and the outlook,
But very rare who see’s her bruises,
Everything that you see is not it,
There’s more to her story just like,
Everyone else has a story,
Don’t take her innocence for granted,
Don’t take her politeness as her weakness,
Don’t just test her patience for your sake,
Coz she has more to take on once you are done!
~ Dawn #happypoetrymonth #aprilthepoetrymonth

This beauty peaks in two weeks…


I may be like a twig short and weak,
You will judge as well for how I look,
My color, my race, my family, my city,
You will count my leaves and feel sorry for it,
Here I am for you with full of blossoms and spike,
The color, and the message to renewal as symbolic,
The fleeting nature of life, short and sweet for us,
This beauty peaks in two weeks and then tend to fall,
Such is life hence enjoy the spring which has its own beauty,
Because fragility of life, that’s my story for you all to remind,
Life is beautiful until it looks but there’s a short trip to all of this!

Rahi turns Twelve :)


It was this day around 12 years back when I was cut to part a piece of me from my body and my soul.

Yes, every mother would understand when I say this because the ten months attachment which grows like a part of you and then are placed in front of you as a specimen – here’s your baby!

Even though the umbilical cord is cut, and the baby is separated from the mother, the child is never separated from the soul of the mother. It is that connection which always makes her worry for her child in every thick or thin times.

Thinking that it is 12 years feels like yesterday and the handsome young man that you have turned into is really amazing because my eyes have seen you changing from that infant to this young man Rahi, that you are today.

Your naïve nature and innocence have always worried me because I always feel you are in a dream world and it is true that you’re a dreamer as your stories are also related to a world which we all dream to be in. But the reality is much far from that and hence, sometimes I worry how you will cope-up with the insensitive world.

But this morning when you were telling me the incident that occurred in your class with your friend Mahnoor, where some kid was being naughty, and they were treating other kid like a slave and Mahnoor raised her concern with that kid as not to do but still he did. This made Mahnoor upset and hence she went to tell her teacher about it. Class Teacher took it as kid’s game, and she said if they are fine then you shouldn’t bother. This made Mahnoor feel sad and angry. You as a good and caring friend went to make her laugh and with your silly gesture she did laugh!

When I asked you why? what made you do so?, And your answer was that when Mahnoor gets angry she gets headache and she was holding her head, so I figured something is upsetting her.

No matter how insensitive this world may be my dear Rahi be who you are and never change. Because this is what we need more, and I am sure with your generation things will change.

Wishing you loads of love and wishes for your dreams to come true. The way every day you say, ‘I love you Mom’!, without any reason like a song, each time I thank for having you in my life. We only planned to have a baby, but we had no clue when you will be born and how you would be, but it happened to be on Women’s International Day – March 8th and you a Feminist by nature what can I ask more!!!

Happy Birthday Son, enjoy and yes, eat less sweet hon!

~ Dawn