My Love!


I was waiting eagerly for him,
Sometimes I blamed it on the clouds,
They must be hiding him from me,
Or sometimes wondering if it’s him,
I ignored this time as I can’t take the stress,
If he really loves me he has to prove it,
And yes, I was stubborn and determined too,
But then, impatience creeped in and started looking for him,
To my surprise I saw something that I thought to be streetlight,
But naughty him, was trying to trouble me,
Disguising himself and fitting right in between the leaves,
The apple of my heart was right there with promising nights!
~ Dawn



He tricked me !


Yesterday night was an eventful,
Lot to cover yet to chase him,
As I see him behind the mountains,
I drive in that direction with the hope,
He tricked me many times by hiding,
Showing up where I would expect least,
I was determined and didn’t fell for it,
I kept chasing him until I felt I lost him,
I was sad for losing his sight till I saw him
A flower on top of a tree looking beautiful
And I kept on looking at as a winner to find him.
#mymoon #meandmymoon 

It’s the beginning of a week…!

It’s the beginning of a week,
Like beginning of a street,
You walk around and pick,
A place to just go by and sit,
Wandering or gazing a bit,
A little illusion of twilight,
And you dream of some sight,
That takes you to a vacation site,
It’s time to enjoy that right?
When you see the end of light,
That’s the end of this street,
You want to go home straight,
It’s time as it’s the end of week,
Wait, snooze that alarm albeit,
It’s weekend you need to go for hike,
Boy, he comes here day and night,
I love you to the Moon and back 😍😘❤️

After a long time gazing at him…!

After a long time gazing at him
In the cold and windy night,
Brought the childhood memories,
Along with many youthful nights,
Those surprising moments behind the clouds,
With full, blue moon and red blood moments,
Eclipses and many events,
He kept engagements one way or the other,
Such beautiful memories he has given
That tonight watching him through the telescope,
Gave me hope and scope,
To cherish my dream to see him again ❤️😍😘