Let’s be one with nature…


Give yourself to nature…
Let’s be one with nature…
Walk on the roads paved by…
You and me and mother nature…
Let yourself free in the arms of nature…
When we don’t remember to look around…
They come to us and remind us to live…
Beyond all the materialistic distractions…
Come to me …
Come to me … and let yourself free…
You come through me and so come to me…

Adios to this day!


As the day is setting in,
So is the poetry month,
Been a ridiculously fun,
Yet a challenging turn in,
It was good to wind up here,
Than carrying it along inside,
Enjoyed the journey of poetry,
Thanks for supporting,
From Sun to Moon to the nature
Inspiring to keep up the game,
Sometimes it was for them and
Sometimes they were for me
A beautiful relation we live together,
Adios to this day with the hope,
For many more Dawns to come 😉
~ Dawn

Happy Earth Day!

Celebrate the greenery my friend,
As it gives the freshness of colors
To the eyes, heart and mind,
Please add more of them and cut less,
They are needed not only for beauty
But also for our survival,
We all are dependent on each other
Let’s help each other and nourish,
For living or dead we all will perish,
But without them we indeed will be dead,
Let’s bring our life to this planet,
By adding value and love in raising them,
Happy Earth Day!
~ Dawn

The good old botany days…


A beautiful flower with mesmerizing fragrance,
You just don’t want to leave the flower,
But then they are so important to the tree
They’re reproductive portion of any tree
As I take a closer look at it, botany kicked in
Since it was visible to eyes, started looking at them
The petals, sepals, the carpel and stamen
Even there we have genders that define functions,
With a stigma where pistil, pollen germinates,
That’s the powerful female which carries style and overies
Reminded of my botany class and the labs
Where hours were spent to look and study them
Beautiful days with beautiful research,
A simple flower complicated all our lives,
When the exams used to come with questions on flowers!
The good old botany days 😍💕

A Beautiful Day!

Beautiful day and beautiful plan,
Meeting and eating was so fun,
Exploring the place, food and people,
Yet walking carelessly along the stores,
Looking and admiring calling history,
So much to cherish and relate with,
The day carried on from place to home,
Sharing stories being with nature as one,
Until the clouds came together telling,
Dusk is here so Dawn can come again 😉
After #got we said adios to the day!
~ Dawn

This beauty peaks in two weeks…


I may be like a twig short and weak,
You will judge as well for how I look,
My color, my race, my family, my city,
You will count my leaves and feel sorry for it,
Here I am for you with full of blossoms and spike,
The color, and the message to renewal as symbolic,
The fleeting nature of life, short and sweet for us,
This beauty peaks in two weeks and then tend to fall,
Such is life hence enjoy the spring which has its own beauty,
Because fragility of life, that’s my story for you all to remind,
Life is beautiful until it looks but there’s a short trip to all of this!