There is more to life than simply increasing its speed

After 5 to 6 years of gap, I was visiting India. The eagerness is always there as what is changed and how well the country is progressing as we read about it all the time on the net.

All this makes real sense when you actually land in the country and observe things closely. As I was passing by from one city to the other, I felt if I had started blogging daily (provided that I had the net accessibility all the time), I had so many stories to tell but then in mind I had thought of one liners which I will make a list of to express what I observed and felt about the New India and its people.

As we all know that growth and its diverse impact goes parallel and hence there might be justifications for many things but then at what cost? I will make the list and would like to hear from others too as these could be one observation and comment but it could vary from people to people. Let’s dive in…

  • The speed of progress is going so rapid that at the other end if anyone is dying there is no action to it.
  • Replica of west is what east is changing towards – why?
  • Malls are the theme of the country – but then why take away the India out of it?
  • Constructions everywhere whether it’s the malls, metro rails or even houses – with poor housing facility, transportation to the common people and to add to it pollution of all kinds whether air, sound you name it.
  • Progress of a country but people are suffering due to the environment – for whom are we creating?
  • Looks like there is a race and we have to win no matter what – even if at the cost of the lives of people.

  • There is no feeling for each other, neighbor or so – everyone is in the rat race and want to reach the sky – I don’t care even if I am crushing someone’s throat as long as I am moving on the right path.
  • It seemed like there is a barometer of who is rich and how can one be richer – the show business is so much that it is already getting into the minds of next generation.
  • Kids evaluate situations based on money in mind, as the schools also they go shows the class system as who can achieve to get admission and you cannot!
  • Surprised to witness the thought process of two kids who are raised in two different countries – one talks of safety and one talks of affordability.
  • Man has reached to the moon, plans to buy and sell property on the Moon yet we are stuck with our caste and religion and the differentiation with the mankind.
  • Country is doing everything to make sure the standard of living be as same as of western countries – from one aspect it is good that brain drain will be stopped but the way it is being done needs some planning and preparations.
  • Real talent and skills are dumped on the side track – no one cares for anyone’s talent as long as one is able to fulfill others requirements – what’s in it for me?
  • The kind of feeling and sentiments people have developed outside of the country – is missing as if the heart is completely removed from the body.
  • Metros are either busy building malls or fly-over and metro rails – in the name of these constructions politically all tops are enjoying the benefit already
  • Poor is still poor and the rich is trying to be richer – where is my developed India?
  • In all these, the true culture still exists in the hearts of people as I was witnessing the Ganpati visarjan (Lord Ganesha Idol immersion in the sea), the unity, the love and cultural aspect evolves the depth and closeness of it in people. I did experience the sentiments while the people are going with the procession – the sadness that after visiting us for 10 days Lord Ganesha is departing from us – is a sad part.
  • The people in the forces are taken care that’s what I am proud of my country and the government.

In the end, all I have to say is I still long for my country and would like to settle somewhere, that’s not metro and where it’s not too backward under-developed place. I want to live in the heart of the country where all these malls have not taken over yet I have the internet connectivity to be able to be connected globally with my friends and relatives. I long for that place in India and would love to reach back to the roots where I come from. As all the rivers no matter where they flow at the end they all join together to make a big waterfall!
“Speed provides the one genuinely modern pleasure” ~ Aldous Huxley