Effort is the oxygen for talent – Pu. La Deshpande

The other day I went for a Marathi movie : Bhai – Vyakti ki valli, directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, Pu. La’s role is done by Sagar Deshmukh and many other talented actors have played their part in it. When I say many, it really had many known celebrities of those days and everyone of the actors have given their 100% in it. It didn’t take time to recognize who that character is and for that the selection of artists, their make-up and the performance by these actors is something unbelievable and the entire team gets credit for this package.

I really would like to thank Mahesh Majrekar specially for doing a tough film based on Pu. La. Deshpande. Pu. La. Deshpande is larger than life as in what he has contributed to the Marathi literature and for Maharashtrians overall. To make a biopic of such a personality where controversies can also climb in as you portray his life and yet to make a clean movie where you bring main moments from his life is a tough balancing act.

While I was growing up in NDA- Khadakwasla, Pune, TV was a main part of our life those days and the moment Doordarshan starts its channel (5:30 pm), our TV used to be on. My Dad would watch Marathi programs as the evenings are for regional television program and at 9 pm the national program starts with news and then music and dance or other soap opera would go on but those were more educational from literature for kids and everyone.
After finishing homework or sometimes I am doing my homework and the TV is on where Dad must be watching the regional news, after that regional drama and classical music program must be going on and I used to multi-task and hence, Pu. La. Deshpande is a normal and casual name in every house. He is part of every Maharashtrian in one or the other way.

When I came to know about the movie, me and my friend planned and went to watch this one. To be frank this movie just glued me in for every inch of story, place and then recollecting from those days as what we heard or read and even watched him performing. Pu. La. Deshpande can be briefly introduced via Wikipedia as this has more detailed information. But to me it was reliving the moment and the characters such as Pt. Bhimsen JoshiVasantrao DeshpandeKumar Gandharva, it was an amazing amalgamation of musicians and talented people coming in one frame and jamming and singing – it just took me to a different world. A point came where I felt jealous of them as how they could sit anywhere and just start jamming and enjoying the music which is not an effort but like a flow of river.
This movie was covered in two parts and I was watching the first one which was released in January 2019 and I liked the way Mahesh Manjrekar planned to release the 2nd part immediately in February this way people will not forget the first part and will continue to the 2nd. But let me tell you, the way part 1 ends abruptly that itself, will tempt the viewers to watch part 2 and so, I did go next day to watch the part 2 of this movie.

Believe me, I was high and my thoughts were all about where I grew up and the time and those moments which I was reliving in my thoughts and suddenly I said to myself, human beings are so much rooted to their childhood and truly it really makes so much sense that one must have good childhood because that goes with you till your end.
I was excited to watch part 2 and believe me part 2 is more or less later part of  Pu. La and it has some political flavor too and hence, I didn’t enjoy as much I did the part 1. But the best was when Pu. La comes to know his friend Kumar Gandharva is not feeling well and is not singing these days, he takes all his friends and goes to Kumar’s house and they all sit and start jamming and singing and out of the zone Kumar starts singing too. That jamming session and the singing by each one Champa Tai, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Vasantrao Deshpande, and Pu. La who is on the harmonium – it was a treat to the audience.

In this world, “who is saying”, is more important than “what is being said” ! ~ Pu. La

I came out of that movie with feelings: one jealous for the musical time they had and the second proud for Pu. La and his friend circle which was never about show off. They all had talent and they all respected to that level and enjoyed the talent by sharing. Also, Pu. La. being the open and unbiased writer and thinker didn’t get scared of Balasaheb Thackeray either though everyone was scared of him.
When you see the simple life that Pu. La and his wife lived with the bear minimum and still they were sufficient and giving to the needy ones. We don’t need much to live happily, and its we who define what is happiness and live along those lines.

Another good part I would like to mention was about Baba Amte and the song that Pu. La. performs for the children who are taken care by Baba Amte – that song – naach re mora,  brought tears in my eyes not only for the song which connected with my childhood where my brother had this for his elementary school syllabus and he used to sing at home but also the way those children participated in singing with dancing around Pu. La, brought tears of happiness.
5 star to the Director of this movie Mahesh Manjrekar!!!

Life is so simple and yet we make it so complicated – Why?

“In a letter, all we own is the address on the envelope. The contents are a matter of fate.” ~ Pu. La.

~ Dawn


“History shows that there are no invincible armies.”

I was still hanging there with Mr Bond when my friend brought this movie called ‘Archangel’. The name didn’t interest me but still I thought let’s see what it is and when I see Daniel …lol! Boy I couldn’t stop smiling!

It happened to be an interesting especially with my interest in History as regards to Stalin and Adolf …I really enjoyed this movie.

“A sincere diplomat is like dry water or wooden iron.” ~ Joseph Stalin

It was more or less like a thriller entertainment, It is after nearly a half-a-century of silence, the final secret of Josef Stalin reveals itself to a former Oxford historian who is attending a Russian conference for the newly opened Soviet archives in a tense international thriller starring (Daniel Craig), Fluke Kelso is on his way out of Russia when an unexpected visit from an ex-officer of the Soviet Secret Police offers hints of a deadly scandal.

“The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” ~ Joseph Stalin

Later, when the mysterious former agent is found brutally slain, Kelso enlists the aid of the man’s daughter Zinaida in finding the answer to a mystery that was presumably buried along with the Soviet Union dictator back in 1953. When Fluke and Zinaida travel to the remote Russian seaport of Archangel in search of the elusive truth, the vengeance of both the Russian authorities and the dangerous underworld threatens to silence them both and keep Stalin’s secret buried for yet another half-a-century.

If this sounds interesting then I would say you must see this movie for sure.

“Death is the solution to all problems. No man – no problem.” ~ Joseph Stalin

"I thought Christmas only came once a year." (The World is Not Enough)

Last week was very busy and I know next week is going to be the same or may be even worse…! Friday there was a party from work in appreciation of all the hard work. I thought I will have a glance at everyone by attending but alas! IT world and …no issue! impossible :D..! I had to wait to figure out and verify the issue and by that time it was quite a bit late to go for the party.

I decided to drive home and guess what! Mr. Bond was in mind since morning as I knew the movie is released. As usual …being the bond gal 😉 I kept my trend of watching Bond Movie the day it is released. Late night show but yes I had to watch this 😀

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” ~ Confucius

I was disappointed when I didn’t see the Bond music the legendary music which they only showed at the end of the movie…! Another thing which made me feel sad was when Bond was not having Martini shaken but not stirred…instead he was having all kinds of cocktail drink with lemon …gosh! All this made me disappointed though Mr Bond kept everything sizzling and hot ..lol!

“Do you know a lot about guns, Mister Bond?” “No, I know a lot about women” 😉 That’s James Bond …lol!

Yes, I just love Daniel Craig as Bond, I love his style of walking…his action –just amazing!!! Bolivia, Haiti, Austria and Italy are featured – nice tourist effect. I also liked the villain of this movie, the French actor Mathieu Amalric, who plays Dominic Greene in the movie.

Quantum of Solace’, means something like a measure of comfort. For Bond lovers a must see movie 😉
I enjoyed every bit of it, a Friday ended very well even though the week was hectic 😉 small incentives to look forward!

“You have always been a cunning linguist, James.”

“A book has but one vioce, but it does not instruct everyone alike.”

How to pass time? There are so many good things to do in life… isn’t it? Look at the pot in which last summer I bought a plant which had a yellow flower with two little buds and later by winter I see they are not only dead but the pot was all dried up and even the sand was dried as if nothing to offer to give a life to the plant. These flowers with the vase was a gift from my friend 😀

“Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas” ~ Elizabeth Murray

And guess what, this morning when I see the pot which was empty all these days has few green leaves :D…past couple of weeks rains have given this life…I loved the life growing in my arms as the days pass it gives new innovative ways to smile!!

“How beautiful is youth! how bright it gleams with its illusions, aspirations, dreams! Book of Beginnings, Story without End, Each maid a heroine, and each man a friend!” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Well, besides cherishing bringing the new life into this world, I had the opportunity to watch Blood Diamond and let me tell you I sincerely feel that Leo should have got the Oscar…as his work is indeed marvelous in this!!! Besides the actor, the movie is well taken and I will say if you have not seen then please do so!!! Africa is beautiful 😀

“The role of the artist I now understood as that of revealing through the world-surfaces the implicit forms of the soul, and the great agent to assist the artist was the myth.” ~ Joseph Campbell

And guess what, last time I had added a post about Paulo Cohelo’s “The Zahir” which one of my fan friend suggested to read and since then I was trying to find but was unable to get one!

“I want to give the audience a hint of a scene. No more than that. Give them too much and they won’t contribute anything themselves. Give them just a suggestion and you get them working with you. That’s what gives the theater meaning: when it becomes a social act.” ~ Orson Welles

However, I got this book as a birthday gift 😉 and was only able to finish reading it now! My friend had told me to read this as he finds the story is that of a similar girl like me …. lol 😀

It’s a good book which speaks about life and our expectations and the illusions that usually we humans go through.

“You cannot open a book without learning something.” ~ Confucius

On to another book “The Nudist On The Late Shift” by PO Bronson; courtesy my friend Bombayite 😉 Thanks Sethu mone!!!

This quote is dedicated to all my three friends above I mentioned 😉 and to the ones whom I have found here 😀

“To have a good friend is one of the highest delights in life; to be a good friend is one of the noblest and most difficult undertakings.”