I’d rather die my way than live yours….

Independence Day … yes my memories that can go as far as I remember is we had to be in our best uniform, be early to school and perform well in the programs that we have participated such as drill, lazhim dance, group songs singing all patriotic songs, recite great people’s speech and then listen patiently to the long speech given by the chief guest. We used to patiently wait for the sweets distribution.

During that time in class whatever we studied about pre-independence struggle made by our leaders and the struggle that they had in their life. The sacrifices that they made by not limiting their thinking for their family but for the nation.

All these stories used to make me think why would they do such a big sacrifice and then I used to fall asleep with those thoughts.

I am sure for me it was a story recited and to some extent I could feel and figure out the pain and the sacrifices that they made at young age.

Frankly speaking what is independence? Only those who have gone through the trouble and trauma by losing their independence has the value but then they are not their to even feel this independence.

To us this independence comes as a heritage, so do we really know it’s value and meaning?

 I think our great leaders did their part but now we are dependent on other things which still gives us the responsibility to fight for our independence. Independence for living like a common man. Independence of living like a rich man, independence of living righteously because currently the system is such that one cannot get his work done without bribing and those who have money they bribe and get away with it but the common man – the poor man is still struggling. He is chained with all such systems which doesn’t allow him to live a free life in his own country.
Being in the country, independence day is always about celebrations, programs, sweets and the best it was a holiday nationwide. I used to get my parents to be home.

But when I am out of my country, living freely with the freedom of speech and rights I can feel the context of freedom, when I can get my work done exactly the way another fellow can get it done. I don’t have to bribe anyone and I don’t have to suffer for any such reasons which differentiates and discriminates. When I hear the story of my friends here who have come from all across the world, how they suffered and what trauma they have gone through due to political or other reasons, one really think back as what was wrong their…yes who doesn’t have good habits and bad ones… we have to just not nurture the bad ones and be strong and stand out to bring harmony, peace and equality. It is tough but nothing is impossible in today’s time. When in 1947 people were tortured in the prison, they were with no food and were beaten all the time as a punishment – they could bear all that to get the freedom then why can’t we stand together to fight the discriminating factors?

A true freedom is not only about freedom of speech and thoughts, but freedom should mean in action too. Racial discrimination or caste or gender discrimination or even the status of an individual in a society shouldn’t be the reason to decide one’s freedom.

Equality for every living being on this planet that should be motive.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”  ~ Rumi


“True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right.”

It’s Independence Day in India and Pakistan and I am sure people are celebrating the moment.
My friend from India was asking me what’s the plan and I was telling him that nothing much as it’s a working day for us.

I just put the question to him and since he is in defense he said he will be having parade, then flag hosting, lunch with other officers and lots of fun!

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” ~ Buddha

I was thinking and I am letting you too ~ are we really Independent?
What does Independence to a country mean for the people of that country?

Think it’s a thought to ponder and do let me know….

Happy Weekend to all

“When we are happy we are always good, but when we are good we are not always happy.” ~ Oscar Wilde