“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect”


It was for the first time I did participate in the poetry month celebration where each day I was writing a poetry in Hindi and English.

Writing for me is something that comes from heart. I will not have anything written for days and weeks and that’s okay because mind has to process sometimes and it’s a dilemma what to process and extract out of it and what not to.

But putting oneself through challenge is also a fun, an art and it helps to see yourself how you perform.

“You must stay drunk on writing, so reality cannot destroy you.” ~ Ray Bradbury

I did poetry every day and that too in two different languages and made sure that before midnight I fulfill that deadline. However, I would like to confess that as the time nears to the end of the month you really get shortage on topics and the challenging aspect of that to me is that I am not able to write if it’s not from my heart. Hence, situations like that did allow me to do some soul searching within.

It’s a good practice and while I was in the middle of April poetry month I told myself probably I will continue this even next month and this is how it should continue. But by the time it was April 30th I felt I need to take a break 😊.

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” ~ Frank Herbert

Hence, I thought of writing my experience of this writing poetry every day during poetry month. What surprising to me was that even though I was writing poetry in two different language my topic was different which makes me wonder why?

When I decided to work on this poetry each day for next 30 days, I found that I was focused, and my mind was not wandering anywhere because with the new job it’s interesting how I am enjoying the work, team and overall experiencing the change. In that whatever time is left it was for thinking for that day what happened or what stuck to my heart that I can write about.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” ~ Louis L’Amour

Since I have joined the new company, I have been saving time on the commute and this is allowing me to read a lot. There has been lot of reading on the internet and it’s so amazing that I got back to my reading which is very addictive, and I have enjoyed this addiction in the past.

Even though I am late for this month by two days, I have decided to write prose on different topics based on what pricks my mind for that day. Today I had to share my poetry month experience and I hope my readers who liked and commented had some experience to share here.

Always challenge yourself it keeps you active and young ~ Dawn

~ Dawn


Looking back to this date…!

I was lost in thoughts,
As it took me by flight,
The memories of yesteryear,
When I was still a newbie,
In a new country that I chose,
Was a newbie at the job too,
Meeting different people,
Few motivating and still,
Many discouraging each day,
It took me to think about,
A plan with some way out,
Some with temptation,
Asking to change religion,
Translating their poems,
Without any payments,
Calling it a godly work,
I lost the faith itself,
The inside me was stubborn,
Didn’t want to listen,
The more they said go back,
I strongly said I stay back,
With a job that paid minimum,
Only covering few hours,
Yet the heart was determined,
With full of passion,
Being only 21 days in the country,
The courage to see the unknown,
Was like a craving fervor,
Looking back to this date,
Brings waves of emotions,
With sweet memories and lost ones!
~ Dawn

Why can’t there be no borders and welcome all?

The struggle to survive,
Humans to live a decent life,
Let it be natural calamity,
Or even man made atrocities,
Humans are like cockroaches,
Climbing the walls to escape,
Get to the other side of the wall,
In the hope of a better life,
Humans fighting with humans,
To survive, peacefully with family,
Aren’t we all taking refuge here,
Because no one in reality owns,
When we don’t own anything here,
Then how can we build walls to stop?
Who are we to stop others from living?
We are all refugees, stop thinking great about self,
For some a better chance and others don’t,
Every life matters and everyone has same rights,
Then why we let our own race struggle?
Why there’s a difference between people?
Why can’t there be no borders and welcome all?


Nature the true artist…!


There is no specific time,
To draw, write, act or even dance,
Whenever you feel just do it,
Today clouds decided to play a game,
The game to trick and confuse,
And nature is also optimistic,
It shuffles some of them here and there,
And makes it’s way to create,
An art filled with imagination for us,
To figure what we see when nature paints,
The true artist who let’s our imagination,
To go crazy passionately to fulfill our dreams,
It’s good to look up and get motivated,
Cheers to art, dance, prose and poetry!
Happy poetry month to all!!
~ Dawn

Let go of wanting things…!



Denis Diderot lived in poverty all along,
He got a fortune at the age of fifty two,
He went crazy bought a scarlet robe,
It was so beautiful looked out of place,
No more coordination  no beauty,
Between his robe and rest of the items,
He bought some new things to match,
Changed his rug, bought beautiful sculptures,
And a better kitchen table too,
Bought a new mirror to place above the mantle,
New leather chair and what not,
The whole thing became Diderot effect!
We end up buying things that,
Our previous selves never needed one,
To be happy or fulfilled one,
We all do this in our lives,
Life has a natural tendency,
To become filled with more,
Do we ever look to downgrade?
To simplify? To eliminate? To reduce?
Human natural inclination is always
To accumulate, to add, to upgrade, to build upon,
Avoid the habit triggers at first place,
Buy items that fit your current system,
Set self-imposed limits,
Buy one and give one,
Let go of wanting things,
Fill life with optimal amount of things,
Let Diderot’s example teach all of us!
~ Dawn

What real friendship is?


What real friendship is?
And why it matters?
There are types of friendship,
Accidental where it is
In exchanging benefits,
Some are for pleasures,
And then they part,
Its okay to be friends
But there’s no depth,
There is one where
Its mutual appreciation,
Those who lack empathy,
And care, often end up there,
Friendship of virtue
Take time and trust to build,
This has all the elements
Of a good friendship,
Anyway life is too short
For wrong kind of friendship
That was the story
I read from Aristotle
The timeless advice
~ Dawn

I dedicate this poppy flower to her…

Yesterday was a remembrance day,
A dear friend after battle with cancer,
Finally defeated cancer and left the body,
It was her way to win over six years ago,
The memories of her still linger around,
Her laugh, jokes and playfulness on face,
She always kept me on toes with her questions,
Some difficult ones and some with no answers,
Yet she always gave credit for positive vibes,
The loved ones have her in the heart,
The month brings those tough memories,
And then the brave person who she was,
I dedicate this poppy flower to her,
For this symbolizes sleep, peace and death,
Yet this is to her peacefulness,🙏.