The storm is coming…!

The storm is coming it’s gonna take us all,
That’s what it says.. At least the image shows,
The one who was painting this had an illusion,
Or was he thinking really telling something,
There’s this storm that’s going take us all,
And that’s what life is all about while it lasts,
Enjoy until then and when it does happen swing along,
The illusion is a distortion of our senses,
Watch out, don’t give up on these illusions 😉
~ Dawn

Effort is the oxygen for talent – Pu. La Deshpande

The other day I went for a Marathi movie : Bhai – Vyakti ki valli, directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, Pu. La’s role is done by Sagar Deshmukh and many other talented actors have played their part in it. When I say many, it really had many known celebrities of those days and everyone of the actors have given their 100% in it. It didn’t take time to recognize who that character is and for that the selection of artists, their make-up and the performance by these actors is something unbelievable and the entire team gets credit for this package.

I really would like to thank Mahesh Majrekar specially for doing a tough film based on Pu. La. Deshpande. Pu. La. Deshpande is larger than life as in what he has contributed to the Marathi literature and for Maharashtrians overall. To make a biopic of such a personality where controversies can also climb in as you portray his life and yet to make a clean movie where you bring main moments from his life is a tough balancing act.

While I was growing up in NDA- Khadakwasla, Pune, TV was a main part of our life those days and the moment Doordarshan starts its channel (5:30 pm), our TV used to be on. My Dad would watch Marathi programs as the evenings are for regional television program and at 9 pm the national program starts with news and then music and dance or other soap opera would go on but those were more educational from literature for kids and everyone.
After finishing homework or sometimes I am doing my homework and the TV is on where Dad must be watching the regional news, after that regional drama and classical music program must be going on and I used to multi-task and hence, Pu. La. Deshpande is a normal and casual name in every house. He is part of every Maharashtrian in one or the other way.

When I came to know about the movie, me and my friend planned and went to watch this one. To be frank this movie just glued me in for every inch of story, place and then recollecting from those days as what we heard or read and even watched him performing. Pu. La. Deshpande can be briefly introduced via Wikipedia as this has more detailed information. But to me it was reliving the moment and the characters such as Pt. Bhimsen JoshiVasantrao DeshpandeKumar Gandharva, it was an amazing amalgamation of musicians and talented people coming in one frame and jamming and singing – it just took me to a different world. A point came where I felt jealous of them as how they could sit anywhere and just start jamming and enjoying the music which is not an effort but like a flow of river.
This movie was covered in two parts and I was watching the first one which was released in January 2019 and I liked the way Mahesh Manjrekar planned to release the 2nd part immediately in February this way people will not forget the first part and will continue to the 2nd. But let me tell you, the way part 1 ends abruptly that itself, will tempt the viewers to watch part 2 and so, I did go next day to watch the part 2 of this movie.

Believe me, I was high and my thoughts were all about where I grew up and the time and those moments which I was reliving in my thoughts and suddenly I said to myself, human beings are so much rooted to their childhood and truly it really makes so much sense that one must have good childhood because that goes with you till your end.
I was excited to watch part 2 and believe me part 2 is more or less later part of  Pu. La and it has some political flavor too and hence, I didn’t enjoy as much I did the part 1. But the best was when Pu. La comes to know his friend Kumar Gandharva is not feeling well and is not singing these days, he takes all his friends and goes to Kumar’s house and they all sit and start jamming and singing and out of the zone Kumar starts singing too. That jamming session and the singing by each one Champa Tai, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Vasantrao Deshpande, and Pu. La who is on the harmonium – it was a treat to the audience.

In this world, “who is saying”, is more important than “what is being said” ! ~ Pu. La

I came out of that movie with feelings: one jealous for the musical time they had and the second proud for Pu. La and his friend circle which was never about show off. They all had talent and they all respected to that level and enjoyed the talent by sharing. Also, Pu. La. being the open and unbiased writer and thinker didn’t get scared of Balasaheb Thackeray either though everyone was scared of him.
When you see the simple life that Pu. La and his wife lived with the bear minimum and still they were sufficient and giving to the needy ones. We don’t need much to live happily, and its we who define what is happiness and live along those lines.

Another good part I would like to mention was about Baba Amte and the song that Pu. La. performs for the children who are taken care by Baba Amte – that song – naach re mora,  brought tears in my eyes not only for the song which connected with my childhood where my brother had this for his elementary school syllabus and he used to sing at home but also the way those children participated in singing with dancing around Pu. La, brought tears of happiness.
5 star to the Director of this movie Mahesh Manjrekar!!!

Life is so simple and yet we make it so complicated – Why?

“In a letter, all we own is the address on the envelope. The contents are a matter of fate.” ~ Pu. La.

~ Dawn

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect”


It was for the first time I did participate in the poetry month celebration where each day I was writing a poetry in Hindi and English.

Writing for me is something that comes from heart. I will not have anything written for days and weeks and that’s okay because mind has to process sometimes and it’s a dilemma what to process and extract out of it and what not to.

But putting oneself through challenge is also a fun, an art and it helps to see yourself how you perform.

“You must stay drunk on writing, so reality cannot destroy you.” ~ Ray Bradbury

I did poetry every day and that too in two different languages and made sure that before midnight I fulfill that deadline. However, I would like to confess that as the time nears to the end of the month you really get shortage on topics and the challenging aspect of that to me is that I am not able to write if it’s not from my heart. Hence, situations like that did allow me to do some soul searching within.

It’s a good practice and while I was in the middle of April poetry month I told myself probably I will continue this even next month and this is how it should continue. But by the time it was April 30th I felt I need to take a break 😊.

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” ~ Frank Herbert

Hence, I thought of writing my experience of this writing poetry every day during poetry month. What surprising to me was that even though I was writing poetry in two different language my topic was different which makes me wonder why?

When I decided to work on this poetry each day for next 30 days, I found that I was focused, and my mind was not wandering anywhere because with the new job it’s interesting how I am enjoying the work, team and overall experiencing the change. In that whatever time is left it was for thinking for that day what happened or what stuck to my heart that I can write about.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” ~ Louis L’Amour

Since I have joined the new company, I have been saving time on the commute and this is allowing me to read a lot. There has been lot of reading on the internet and it’s so amazing that I got back to my reading which is very addictive, and I have enjoyed this addiction in the past.

Even though I am late for this month by two days, I have decided to write prose on different topics based on what pricks my mind for that day. Today I had to share my poetry month experience and I hope my readers who liked and commented had some experience to share here.

Always challenge yourself it keeps you active and young ~ Dawn

~ Dawn

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”

“A desire to help others and give to the world before saying adios to this place, it was that desire as a seed, seeded inside me and Good Gigs let that seed sprout out.


What is born needs to be nourished well for it to grow and spread the good health across and hence Children were always special to my heart.

By helping and supporting the education for children will layout the foundation that will let these children to grow and flourish and spread the goodness across and this will multiply, so at Delta Utah my focus was children throughout and hence the planning to make sure the training we give to the teacher initiators and teachers are easy enough to adapt and in return the teacher’s roll this out to kids in an easier manner.

“Every child you encounter is a divine appointment” ~ Wess Stafford

In doing this, the preparation brought the best of the minds together to brainstorm and the outcome was incredible.

It was not easy to be frank. When we prepared our training deck, it was easy to believe that we captured every detail to show how the tool works. The challenge was how to deliver this simple deck to the teacher initiators who are actually well educated with full of awareness. Teaching a teacher is a challenge and believe me or not it needs lot of preparation, guts and confidence to hold their hands and walk along with them.

Good thing to be part of technology industry where it allows you to play with the tool and learn the hard way. To get to the level of each teacher initiator based on their understanding of the technology and then take that ride to a standard level was a worth learning experience for me personally, as it helped me to learn from the teachers and the details of the tools as well.

How to teach without intimidating and be part of the learner group to discover and explore the findings.

The teacher initiators and teachers loved each and every small thing that they learned about technology be it a copy/paste or right click and select. It taught me how simple things can bring happiness to you it doesn’t have to be expensive that costs money.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”~ Confucius 

Though VMware and Dell and other institutions took that expense to support this cause and the result was happiness, full of confidence, achievement and looking forward with technology in mind as a goal. It was an emotional ride for everyone be it the Millard School District High-School members, teacher initiators and teachers, people of Delta Utah or even the students of Millard School District schools – it is an emotional bonding that lead us to win everyone’s heart, it’s the people!

The personal touch with each training helped me to connect with each individual of Delta Utah that we associated with. Be it CoSN, SEDC, Millard District Office members, teacher initiators… the parting was painful yet the emails and connections through messages is keeping this bondage going with the hope to support each other going forward.


The motivation, giving confidence to make that first mistake and letting them to correct themselves with support, perseverance, and letting others to grow is the key to be a leader.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you’re a leader.” ~ John Quincy Adams

While doing all this, there was not a single thought of what I am getting out of this because all my actions and thoughts were triggered towards to give the best to them to make a success for their day to day life. In doing so I learnt a lot from others about the approach, individual thought process, perceptions, emotions and vulnerability, those hugs and caring moments all adds up to climb the tallest mountain in the world. To let others to flourish with your support is the key I learnt in my leadership role.

There is no race, there is no game, because we all are in this game and have to make the team be comfortable. It doesn’t matter who made the goal in the goal-post as long as we have made efforts to make that goal to win the game. ☺


This Good Gig has given me an opening to the world which I was thinking to enter after my retirement but I guess I don’t have to wait that long if I have to do a good gig I can do it anytime. The journey continues for me… and I am happy if you want to hop along with me ☺

“Never get tired of doing little things for others sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts”

~ Dawn

“Every moment is the paradox of now or never.” ;)

VMWorld is an annual conference for IT professionals, focusing on virtual server environments, put on by VMWare . It is the largest virtualization-specific event. It is held in San Francisco, California, and in Europe.

I had attended some of the expo-events of other high-tech companies in the past and yes I wouldn’t say that I didn’t enjoy. But attending VMware’s event that too being an employee of the company it was not only a sheer pride but also an excitement of the  announcement of the products that they launched and the celebration of all was the cherry on the cake.

I have never thought I would get an opportunity to attend even a single day but thanks to good friends that you never know where they come from and make you feel so special.

I had the opportunity to visit the VMWorld’s 10th Annual 2013 Defy Convention event on the day where the discussion was on Solution Exchange, Training and Education and the VMware Time Machine – I missed the game but it was fun to know that people had to express if they want to go backward or go forward in time perspective and why? 

It was amazing to see VMware and it’s partners how they clubbed together and put up a brilliant show. My enthusiasm had no limit as I was witnessing other companies where some them I have worked for and some of them I am working with as they being our partners and vendors. Having a connection with them in one or the other way really puts you on the Cloud Sphere Horizons 🙂

I was thrilled and overwhelmed with the presentation and overall event management. As the day was getting over everyone was getting ready for the Party at AT&T Park. 
There were huge buses and many buses were arranged as shuttle for people to go from Mascone Center to AT&T Park for the party. 
To manage something of this level definitely a lot of money the company has spent and its for the people to come and learn and enjoy – what a goodwill thought. It gives me goosebumps as I write this line and that’s how I feel about the company – Very Proud.

The exciting part was that I attended the concert of the two awesome bands – Dragon – a rock band from Sydney – where Todd Hunter (bass guitar, vocals), Pete Drummond (drums, vocals, keyboards), Mark William (vocals, guitar) were awesome to warm up the crowd. People were playing games on the field and winning toys and the band really kept up to the par to make people those moves as well.

The second one was Train – an American pop rock band from San Francisco, California. The band currently consists of a core trio of Pat Monahan, Jimmy Stafford, and Scott Underwood. It need not to say as they started the crowd went loco all the way and I couldn’t resist when they started with ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ – I think one of my best event that I have attended in a long time.

As the night was turning into a beautiful queen, the pride of being part of this history was sinking in and was thanking for all the pieces of the puzzle that made this picture come into reality.

For a long time, I will remember this world of VM – which not only brings the company’s product to launch but it brings people together.

I don’t even know some of the people around who encouraged and wished good luck for the games and clapped when I won and some of them shared their own toys and batches and at the end I had a final ride on the field where I could yell out and bring out my sheer joy and excitement of the entire day.

Some moments in life are just to be THANKFUL!

We do not remember days, we remember moments…

Today I went around the places where I first landed and lived my initial period of life and it did remind me all the struggle days and those weak moments when I was home-sick and yet had the determination to make my place in this busy country.

It was very nostalgic and as the roads, street names and houses where I lived came across, it brought all memories live. I went through each place where I later rented, the place where I established myself in my career and finally the house that I bought in the city.

Today when I go through those areas, indeed I was in the heart of city where I lived but the con part of it that it has become old. The houses are same, people might have moved or passed on their heritage to their kids and what not. But there is no innovation. Couple of houses were re-built which did give the new look however city is always like that.

I felt content being in these places. I am satisfied with what I have and I really felt that I have moved on. To all my friends who got bored of my saying about things in Canada and the life about Canada…I guess this is it. I had to visit once to give a stop to my those feelings.

I am happy that this is the country and the city Toronto that I choose to be part of. It did help me in growing up in my life and career. It did teach me a different outlook of life and people. It did bring that element in me which made me think more than myself and gave me the opportunity to help people and love people in the way they are.

All this and more with experience I moved on in life towards USA to California with a new life and motto – and believe me I am happy.

Today I have this heart to say that I am happy where I am with my loved ones – in the heart of city where along with my loved ones I have mother nature to give solace and peace, new friends and new atmosphere to live on…I am thankful for everything.
Still with some nostalgic moments…yet a content heart…people move and progress in life only to leave the place with memories and more memories…

“We must always have old memories and young hopes”

Anywhere is paradise; it’s up to you ;-)

Visiting Niagara was a usual weekend activity for a person like me who never looked at what time or hour of the night it is.
Same spirit I have this time too – which made me feel I am still the same and not changed a bit. Quick decision making and preparing in the limited given time had always been my nature and I guess I find it thrilling.
My drive was amazing as going through the huge buildings made me realize how city gal I am and how I used to drive through these places so often.
Every thought was cherishing the old one and adding the new one to the current one. I always enjoyed the night part of Niagara as it lights up with lights and music bands. The winter never killed or took away the spirit of joy and fun – I witnessed it even today.
People covered with winter jackets, caps and mufflers and yet smiling and running away from the mist as it hit their faces.
Nature always gave solace to my heart in times then and even today. Speechless yet with mind full of thoughts. Unknowingly so many times it ran over to the past to present…the mist of life was getting spread all over and yet the feeling is refreshing.
Once again I felt like living in that freshness.

“By seeing the seed of failure in every success, we remain humble. By seeing the seed of success in every failure we remain hopeful.”

I always wondered what was that cold war between Canada and US and I always felt the attitude is what made them think about Americans.
This time coming from America looking at Canadians…I felt Canadians are more humble – no offense to any Americans but then coming from US this time I could relate it to one thing – People in Canada come as immigrants no matter how educated one is, they have to go through the struggle part of it which takes them from all ups and downs of life.
Americans do have immigrants too however, they are all well placed with jobs if not with status in the country – this small element does bring that big impact to one’s attitude.
To add to it when A Visa status moves to Green Card the attitude has no limits!
No matter what, one needs to go through a phase where it does bring the mankind to be down to earth and I think one gets there in Canada.

“Swallow your pride occasionally, it’s non-fattening!”