Home is where your loved ones are!


Home is where your heart is,
Home is where you’re content,
Home is where your loved ones are,
Home is where someone is waiting for you,
Home is where you live because,
A visit and a visitor always have a timeline¬†ūüėČ
I also had to meet the timeline,
In three days had to come back,
With results, plans and timelines,
Three days gave me attachments with team,
Yet longing with my loves ones,
True, Home is where your loved ones are…
And they are there and here too !
~ Dawn #happypoetrymonth #poetrymonth#homesweethome

Until you reach the destination it’s a ride!


Riding alone whether it’s cab, Uber or plane,
It’s a different journey altogether,
An anxiety, an exploring mind, yet cautious,
A deep breath and walk through the memory lane,
The first time, when was that, long time,
Yet there’s no change to the anxiety,
It’s still the same after so many years,
Why can’t we be the same as lookswise,
Even after so many years and anxiety!?!
See, age has nothing to do it’s a mere number,
Whether it’s business or pleasure trip,
Until you reach the destination it’s a ride!
~ Dawn

Fact is I took the flight alone…21 years back!


Thinking about 21 years back,
If not taken Royal Jordanian flight,
I would be still in my city Pune,
Working for a fabulous company,
Thrashing lame system of government,
For all the corruption incidents,
After all the struggle and challenges,
The dusk will down with success,
Each day would inspire to live,
Would have been still married,
But no kids for sure then,
Fact is I took the flight alone,
I feel 21 which makes me young,
Still high on adventurous rides,
Enjoying the thrills of living life,
On the edge is what I loved,
Suspense-thriller roller coaster ride,
Don’t we all want that in life?
On this day 21 years ago,
I was sitting at the airport,
Thinking what to do next,
Simple pleasures of my life,
Each day there’s a new Dawn!