You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?


Everyone say, love yourself,

Treat yourself good and be good

I say as you love yourself

Be mean to yourself too

Give that torture and pain

Which you feel later as a gain

Each time you stretch yourself

The sweet pain reminds of goodness

The mean you should give back

By giving that pain again and again

So that when you love yourself

You feel the pain and gain 😉

~ Dawn

The Wandering Thoughts….

Everyone is talking about the Monday blues… yeah! I get it after long Christmas and New Year holidays everyone is feeling lazy to go to work or to school… but then there were some who had no holidays and were working during those days.

I had my christmas holiday and new year holiday spent at home, though I did attend the new year eve’s party yet that was in the neighborhood. 

I took the advantage of Saturday and Sunday and probably I guess I slept for more than 10 hours. It is kind of a meditation for me where I didn’t feel hungry and neither I feel like getting up or rushing for anything…totally in bliss.

When my Sunday is about to dawn on to Monday, my mind has become a wanderer… it is going to all over the places that I visited in 2014 and I am literally seeing people whom I met. The zeal to meet them again is trickling inside… I want to fly again high…and high in the sky!

The moments I spent last year

Is haunting me this year

I had my meet and greet

Yet, the thirst has not quenched

Why I don’t feel the responsibilities?

Why I am not worried even to think?

Why I am detaching from artificial world?

Why my mind is so free that it doesn’t care?

Why I am not worried that I need to work and pay bills?

Why I feel I can wander around?

Why I feel so relaxed and yet zeal to wander?

Why? Why? Why?

Because I am free!!!

I don’t own anything and I don’t owe anything and hence my heart says you can wander around like a bird in and out until you are ready to fly from here to the unknown side!

“Youth is to wander! Adult is to act! Age is to assimilate the beauty of thoughts ~ Debasish Mridha


~ Dawn

Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within ;)

I was listening to Papon’s song ‘Kyun hota hai pyaar kyun hoti hai chahat’ (why one loves and what does it mean to love?) and as the lyrics started drilling in my mind and heart – the question even I started asking – Can one love more than once? And my heart said, ‘Yes, of course because when you see around people break relationships and make new ones – it does tell us that one can be in love many times in life.


Then my mind asked, ‘Can one be in love with two people at a time? Hmmm! Wondering right?
Started scratching my head and I thought what could be a situation where one is in love with their loved ones and then when they see someone showering love and affection, that also lets them have that loving corner for that person? Yes, why not?
After all why does our heart melts for someone? It’s their behavior, their way of expressions, characteristics and many such things, which makes you feel that the person is real and loving.


Is this fair? I don’t know as this is a very opinionated question where one can say – not fair and other can sit and justify.
But musically everything is possible 😉 and then my mind says if musically, poetically it is possible then why not humanly?
Love isn’t all about physical attraction, it can be feelings and mutual respect – is that harmful and destructive? Not that I think of – bombing, killing or even the rape or acid attack on some women.
If you have a thought on this or an opinion speak up here in comment.

“It’s often just enough to be with someone. I don’t need to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between you both. You’re not alone” ~ Marilyn Monroe
~ Dawn 😉

Never let go of a good thing without a fight. Especially if that good thing is Life

I remember meeting her at work, discussing some project and I was part of the conversation and … I dont know how and when but a friendship had already began..!

A very strong and caring one. Our hearts are always tuned in though we never meet everyday or chat everyday or even not text everyday… but the thought and love for our friendship is always there.

When you think of a person and that brings smile and sometimes laughter… It’s hilarious too…yes that is one of the person Wen Hui that I have ever known in my life.
It was fun to talk to Wen, in the beginning when we used to talk about our country and culture and people. It was easy to understand each other’s culture. Later it is all fun and frolic… I mean a woman with substance and strength is what I have seen in Wen.

It was so much fun when we all friends met to celebrate Wen Hui’s birthday, it is a great milestone and we had so much fun. She talks to you in such a way that you will not feel that there is anything in this world that is illegal or wrong…! She makes life so simple with beautiful guidelines and rules. 
When she is at work then no nonsense will happen as she will demand, not ask! I always enjoyed my lunch chat or even dinner chats with her. In fact I remember when she talks everyone will just be focussed on her listening to every word that she spills out… she has a knack of story telling and indeed it is wonderful.
When we friends came to know about Wen Hui has detected cancer… we all felt very sad as we have never seen her sad or in a situation where someone will feel sorry for her…and how she will take this one .. !
Today I met her in person and my heart was rushing with blood because thats how powerful she is. A very strong woman I have met today her spirit is same as she was before the diagnose and she talks and shares the stories exactly the same way and her jokes and humor sense, gosh its just that she makes everyone’s life easier who are in her surroundings. I am sure the doctors and hospital staff must be feeling lucky to treat this person as she does 90% of their job with her positive and strong will power and rest 10% is done by the medicine
I wanted to yell out from that room to the entire world… that one should lead by this example that this role model is leading – my love and respect for this friend has grown to the highest level. I am proud to be a friend of a tough yet smiling Role Model.
Who doesn’t go through pain and difficulty in life… but this is so true… we know we all are going to die but then why worry and make that to come in hurry…You can stay strong and fight it hard – there is a little pleasure in fighting back always!
I salute the lady whom I saw today – I witnessed the iron lady – May the power be with you my friend… we will see you soon with another chit-chat session to laugh at.
~ Dawn

Happy Happy Day ;)

Life is full of surprises
Get amazed at each one
As you sail through
Make sure you live
While you make through
It’s about all about You
Your happiness reflects
In your surroundings
When the glow falls on you
There will be storms
And many hurdles
See them as challenge
And surprise them
Cause whether you live or die
You face it and fly
Happy Poetry Day to All!!!
~ Dawn

Happy 7th Birthday My Chico ;)

It seems like just yesterday when 
We all were playing with you like a toy, 
Nothing much changed since then for us, 
Yet when you come and tell me 
“Mom, I am not going to be 6 anymore because I am 7 now, 
My eyes try to look within you wondering when did this happen? 
As for me you are still the same when you were born and 
I was holding you in one arm because you could fit in!
Today I see you growing like a handsome guy, 
Yet your innocence makes me protective towards you and 
My heart wishes the best for you, 
May you be happy and giggle all your life with 
Life’s happiness and goodness to spread around… 
Happy Birthday Son !
With love,
~ Dawn

The most COMMON way people give up their POWER is by THINKING they don’t have ANY…!!!

It’s really a crazy world, when you think of women going through the abuse and other physical and mental torture in life… there is more to it when things are all fine as you think to be!
Which woman doesn’t dream to have a happy life with her prince charming? Some get lucky to have that prince in life and some don’t. Those who don’t they have real challenge as to exist in that situation or to exit and make a new entry into life.

But imagine, a woman who has everything in life and is happily planning to grow her family by having kids and she realizes after many years of trying she is not able to conceive?
I mean when I used to think of such situations, all I used to tell to self is, if such things happen then you better both go and get checked by a specialist or infertility doctor. But, it’s not that simple as I used to think.
What women have to go through is worse what I heard today. I literally wanted to hug my friend when she said her friends were avoiding her because she was considered as bad omen because she had issues with infertility.

All of a sudden, I thought of my friends. Will they be like that? Did education bring anything to anyone? Or rather I ask are we even a HUMAN?

It is so sad that a time where a woman should understand another woman, you see a woman ill-treating and hurting other woman’s feelings only because they are not in that situation. That is so selfish and inhumane.

I pity such women and feel ashamed. If a woman, who is supposed to be that nurturing, loving and caring human – is behaving like this then I can’t think anything good from anyone. Today’s story about infertility really made me think of – what is the importance of women on this planet? Only to provide…. Either yourself to your man, provide kids to the family, make sure you have a son so that your man’s legacy will be carried forward and then you keep providing everything till you can. Because the moment you stop providing, you are useless!

“There is no tool for development more effective than the EMPOWERMENT of WOMEN” ~ Kofi Annan
All these thoughts and upbringings have made the mentality of people such that if a woman doesn’t become a mother, she feels humiliated and horrified. Where as in a normal situation, she should get it checked and if even medical treatments cant help she should just go and adopt a kid who is in much need of love, a home and a family who can take care of that kid.

All this can be changed only when we can flush the selfish thoughts from our mind and add some human values in it which teaches to love and support each other.
“Ekla Chalo Re”, is that platform which not only lets everyone to share their stories that they have gone through in their life, but also how they chose that path to break it and change it for their goodness and better life.
It is not about one woman, or one woman’s story – it’s about everyone. Whether you are a man or woman, help people who are going through such situations of infertility, or any abuse support them and guide them. “Ekla Chalo Re” is the program where we all women have taken that decision to help and support everyone to get up from his or her fallen situations and rise up and be confident in life. We only get one life and we must not waste it in some or the other taboo that our society or community live with. We all have to be part of the society and being in the society we have to bring that awareness and strength to people to be empowered.

Let’s live and Let Other’s Live too happily!

~ Dawn

Love is the key message spread it across and let it be epidemic ;)

This morning it was one on one with self.

Someone inside asked me this question, “do you believe in god”? Why do you go to all these puja’s?”

Me: I go to enjoy the celebration part. Not because I have to impress anyone there so called God.

Inside ME: So you think there is no god?

ME: I mean I somehow feel there is some supernatural power who created us BUT then at times I also feel it could be like we are left alone after our creation. Similarly, how one makes a product keeping a vision in mind and then later period of time the vision is lost and then the product is left alone as the creator don’t know what to do with it. 

And, we are doing what we can do within our reach. So where is God? and Who is God?
I have been induced with these thoughts from my grandparents, relatives, parents. Yes, my parents never forced me to believe into anything forcibly. I think I started respecting others belief and be that be my dad or my close friends and often I say those names of gods but then that’s kind of you learn after being listening for ages and it’s in your breath.
Thinking towards all this, I feel we are much more capable of what the creator also didnt think of!!! We decide how we want to live and we follow that path. Some follow what others follow with the hope that what others got probably they will also get a share of it.. be it peace, nirvana etc.

My strong feeling after what I hear everyday suffering be it a soldier who is suffering alone in the battlefield or be a girl who visits her parents and become a victim of rape or people going insane and killing their own kids at the age of 7 and 17 – We are God. I strongly feel because, be it Rama or Ravana – it is inside us.

I feel very strongly that in my life People have made a bigger impact. Today what I have is because of everyone’s blessings and best wishes. I love that and hence I love people.

We are God then let’s be one who can save someone’s life, or make someone’s life by doing a good deed or by even bringing a smile on other’s face.

This is no ad for a charity but think about it in deep, how many people do you really know and meet in person? What impact do you make in their life? Think about those who are your friends through social media yet you haven’t met even once in life and your thoughtful gesture can bring that big change to them as well… for which some may call – There is GOD 🙂

With all these thoughts my INSIDE ME, got shut and as always I win this time too 😉
Love is the key message spread it across and let it be epidemic !!! 

Love selflessly and you will not lose anything in return!!!!

“if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” ~ Mother Teresa

~ Dawn

"You have to crawl into the wounds to discover what your fears are. Once the bleeding starts, the cleansing can begin."

RAPE a word that was shameful to even say or spell…. its getting so common everywhere in the sense from reality to the victim to newspaper to discussion and what not… so sad that it’s the women who are suffering from it and as I read about it, in my mind I try to think and wonder how and why?

I mean I feel like saying to the girl through her mind while she is being attacked – KICK ON HIS BALLS!

Yes, sorry but to get out of this one has to hurt the other person such that the person doesn’t turn back and run after her. The person should run away far from her.

Women need to be tough and be ready to fight back. I mean I know it’s easy to talk about it when I am sitting in front of a computer and writing about it.

But seriously, I have always tried to replay in my mind how it must have happened… and probably I do this because I feel for the person who went through this. When simply by accident someone’s hand slides down your body you give a look and the other person will immediately tell you – ‘sorry’ and probably the person will just walk away.

But think about a situation where its not just a touch…its much more than that and a situation where a women when protests, she gets abused in very horrific manner that she is literally fighting with life and death…and actually if we see those men who rape whether its inside the house or outside of the house – its about showing their power.

Men, who are suffering from inferior complex, think powerful psychologically if they do such an act.  I am basically coming based on some readings and some analysts who have come up with!

Many species have this kind of behavior such as mammals, birds, insects and fish and there also female has to pay the cost.

I don’t know about animals, but as far as humans are considered  – where we talk about civilization and planning our homes on the Moon etc., this is something that must be zero tolerant. When law doesn’t support then sometimes common people have to take the law in their hands.

If every women can have this in their mind registered that Men who are weak are the one who do this low level of act, probably the mental situation of women will be better and strong to kick back. 

I think every women should learn how to attack and paralyze the men who attack or attempt for rape, in such a way that he should not get up from where he has fallen down.

I mean there are so many trainings and self-defense – I myself trained with Krav- Maga something in my country I cannot even think of getting it.  Because, this is something that cops and military personnel get trained with so that they can defend themselves from the person who is attacking them. Why should this be restricted to a specific category? It’s not about a country, now it’s a matter of every women and she is no longer a weaker commodity – like in olden days when people used to categorize women as “ABLA” (weaker section of gender – females mainly), in India – She is no longer weak. She is equally taking up all the challenges that men are taking already.  STOP this dual treatment and WE, as women have to compose and answer back. It’s not the time to get scared and surrender – FIGHT before they ACT.
I have so much aggression and anger for what happened last year around December time and now another incident in West Bengal that I want to do so much and yet feels so helpless.

Time has come when women have to be Kali (the Goddess of Time and Change) than being a Devi (Devi embodies the active energy and power of male deities) – especially to such dreadful creatures.

~ Dawn