Dear I Love You!


Dear, I love You
Where are You
Why I miss You
When I know
I am far from You
These were the words
For You!
The voice came across

Dear, I love You
I am here for You
Always and forever
They were far away
Not even reachable by highway
They were in different country
They never stopped dreaming
For their togetherness
And kept accompanied with love
And hopeful words and expressions
The only thing kept them alive was and is

~ Dawn


I have him to rely…

There’s a warmth in him,
A soothing care,
An inspiration to rise and shine,
A perspective to look forward,
A view that makes you fall for,
The aura that gives colors to your dream,
The hope that I can depend on him,
The dream that as long as I live,
I have him to rely…
I love him for being my strength,
For bringing my Moon to me
And soothing my nights with love ❤️


“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”

“A desire to help others and give to the world before saying adios to this place, it was that desire as a seed, seeded inside me and Good Gigs let that seed sprout out.


What is born needs to be nourished well for it to grow and spread the good health across and hence Children were always special to my heart.

By helping and supporting the education for children will layout the foundation that will let these children to grow and flourish and spread the goodness across and this will multiply, so at Delta Utah my focus was children throughout and hence the planning to make sure the training we give to the teacher initiators and teachers are easy enough to adapt and in return the teacher’s roll this out to kids in an easier manner.

“Every child you encounter is a divine appointment” ~ Wess Stafford

In doing this, the preparation brought the best of the minds together to brainstorm and the outcome was incredible.

It was not easy to be frank. When we prepared our training deck, it was easy to believe that we captured every detail to show how the tool works. The challenge was how to deliver this simple deck to the teacher initiators who are actually well educated with full of awareness. Teaching a teacher is a challenge and believe me or not it needs lot of preparation, guts and confidence to hold their hands and walk along with them.

Good thing to be part of technology industry where it allows you to play with the tool and learn the hard way. To get to the level of each teacher initiator based on their understanding of the technology and then take that ride to a standard level was a worth learning experience for me personally, as it helped me to learn from the teachers and the details of the tools as well.

How to teach without intimidating and be part of the learner group to discover and explore the findings.

The teacher initiators and teachers loved each and every small thing that they learned about technology be it a copy/paste or right click and select. It taught me how simple things can bring happiness to you it doesn’t have to be expensive that costs money.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”~ Confucius 

Though VMware and Dell and other institutions took that expense to support this cause and the result was happiness, full of confidence, achievement and looking forward with technology in mind as a goal. It was an emotional ride for everyone be it the Millard School District High-School members, teacher initiators and teachers, people of Delta Utah or even the students of Millard School District schools – it is an emotional bonding that lead us to win everyone’s heart, it’s the people!

The personal touch with each training helped me to connect with each individual of Delta Utah that we associated with. Be it CoSN, SEDC, Millard District Office members, teacher initiators… the parting was painful yet the emails and connections through messages is keeping this bondage going with the hope to support each other going forward.


The motivation, giving confidence to make that first mistake and letting them to correct themselves with support, perseverance, and letting others to grow is the key to be a leader.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you’re a leader.” ~ John Quincy Adams

While doing all this, there was not a single thought of what I am getting out of this because all my actions and thoughts were triggered towards to give the best to them to make a success for their day to day life. In doing so I learnt a lot from others about the approach, individual thought process, perceptions, emotions and vulnerability, those hugs and caring moments all adds up to climb the tallest mountain in the world. To let others to flourish with your support is the key I learnt in my leadership role.

There is no race, there is no game, because we all are in this game and have to make the team be comfortable. It doesn’t matter who made the goal in the goal-post as long as we have made efforts to make that goal to win the game. ☺


This Good Gig has given me an opening to the world which I was thinking to enter after my retirement but I guess I don’t have to wait that long if I have to do a good gig I can do it anytime. The journey continues for me… and I am happy if you want to hop along with me ☺

“Never get tired of doing little things for others sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts”

~ Dawn

Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within ;)

I was listening to Papon’s song ‘Kyun hota hai pyaar kyun hoti hai chahat’ (why one loves and what does it mean to love?) and as the lyrics started drilling in my mind and heart – the question even I started asking – Can one love more than once? And my heart said, ‘Yes, of course because when you see around people break relationships and make new ones – it does tell us that one can be in love many times in life.


Then my mind asked, ‘Can one be in love with two people at a time? Hmmm! Wondering right?
Started scratching my head and I thought what could be a situation where one is in love with their loved ones and then when they see someone showering love and affection, that also lets them have that loving corner for that person? Yes, why not?
After all why does our heart melts for someone? It’s their behavior, their way of expressions, characteristics and many such things, which makes you feel that the person is real and loving.


Is this fair? I don’t know as this is a very opinionated question where one can say – not fair and other can sit and justify.
But musically everything is possible 😉 and then my mind says if musically, poetically it is possible then why not humanly?
Love isn’t all about physical attraction, it can be feelings and mutual respect – is that harmful and destructive? Not that I think of – bombing, killing or even the rape or acid attack on some women.
If you have a thought on this or an opinion speak up here in comment.

“It’s often just enough to be with someone. I don’t need to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between you both. You’re not alone” ~ Marilyn Monroe
~ Dawn 😉

Love is the key message spread it across and let it be epidemic ;)

This morning it was one on one with self.

Someone inside asked me this question, “do you believe in god”? Why do you go to all these puja’s?”

Me: I go to enjoy the celebration part. Not because I have to impress anyone there so called God.

Inside ME: So you think there is no god?

ME: I mean I somehow feel there is some supernatural power who created us BUT then at times I also feel it could be like we are left alone after our creation. Similarly, how one makes a product keeping a vision in mind and then later period of time the vision is lost and then the product is left alone as the creator don’t know what to do with it. 

And, we are doing what we can do within our reach. So where is God? and Who is God?
I have been induced with these thoughts from my grandparents, relatives, parents. Yes, my parents never forced me to believe into anything forcibly. I think I started respecting others belief and be that be my dad or my close friends and often I say those names of gods but then that’s kind of you learn after being listening for ages and it’s in your breath.
Thinking towards all this, I feel we are much more capable of what the creator also didnt think of!!! We decide how we want to live and we follow that path. Some follow what others follow with the hope that what others got probably they will also get a share of it.. be it peace, nirvana etc.

My strong feeling after what I hear everyday suffering be it a soldier who is suffering alone in the battlefield or be a girl who visits her parents and become a victim of rape or people going insane and killing their own kids at the age of 7 and 17 – We are God. I strongly feel because, be it Rama or Ravana – it is inside us.

I feel very strongly that in my life People have made a bigger impact. Today what I have is because of everyone’s blessings and best wishes. I love that and hence I love people.

We are God then let’s be one who can save someone’s life, or make someone’s life by doing a good deed or by even bringing a smile on other’s face.

This is no ad for a charity but think about it in deep, how many people do you really know and meet in person? What impact do you make in their life? Think about those who are your friends through social media yet you haven’t met even once in life and your thoughtful gesture can bring that big change to them as well… for which some may call – There is GOD 🙂

With all these thoughts my INSIDE ME, got shut and as always I win this time too 😉
Love is the key message spread it across and let it be epidemic !!! 

Love selflessly and you will not lose anything in return!!!!

“if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” ~ Mother Teresa

~ Dawn

What is love? In math: an equation; in history: a war; in chemistry: a reaction; in art: a heart; in me: YOU… Aha!!!! :)

I am a believer and I believe many times we meet people to learn a lesson or to know something new in life.

I met many people in life and many told me they love me like nothing else in life.

But I always had a lesson to learn.

Sometimes, it told me about their need for having a support system or sometimes it was mere a company as they always felt they were lonely or sometimes it was mere a lack of confidence and they gained that positive energy from me.

All that happened and no where I felt am doing any favor to anyone. As a living being I am also being part of life system.

I met people, I came to know about them or I came to know about their weakness and tried to be their strength yet, when I looked at for support, reliability and love I  was able to find my love.

It’s a great feeling in life to know that you finally found your love and you acknowledged it too before taking that last breath.

The moment where the heart is free of any thoughts or restrictions and yet heart is telling the truth that I love you and I am so lucky to find you in this life.

Yes, it takes a lot of guts to even convey and confess the truth and accept the reality.

I am happy at the end as life is all about finding the truth and accepting them.

“Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control”

I love life because I meet so many people in life all across the globe and it keeps expressing it to me that love is life and life is to love 🙂

I want to tell to my friends being in love is a great feeling whether the other person loves you or not but you love and you accept is a great thing.

When you convey this and you get the reciprocation in same manner then its your time …

Moon time 🙂

~ Dawn

In love… to start the journey

Middle of the storm; me and my extension
Believing in self; holding on to the cord
Fight against all odds; all norms of society
The decision to unchain; looking for open doors
Very Sure; I am alone sailing on a boat
Wrecked and weak yet the courage deep in heart
No distractions No temptations
Finding you; an anchor on the shore
Scared and Cautious;  
But your belief in me made me believe 
In love… to start the journey
To make everyone believe life 
Is to live and live with happiness
Challenges may come; strangle you
But love will lift you and fight it all the way
~ Dawn