A Friday Night..!


I am good looking healthy yet naughty
Lots of tomatoes hugged tightly
enough to get the juice out of it
Worcestershire sauce to ignite the romance
Add a bit of grated horseradish,
With little bit of naughtiness of vodka
And to spice it up a bit of pepper
To bring the tickle add pinch of salt
And freshly ground black pepper
Ain’t I a healthy drink which everyone wants it?
I am here to spice up your weekend
A vegetation drink for you 😉Cheers!!!


The story of happiness!


There are vessels around us
Big and small some empty
And some full of wishes
Some are filled with tears
Some with loads of food
Yet the vessel makes noise
I am hungry, I am starving
I am unhappy, I am dying
They look colorful outside
Inside its all dark and scary
If we all share our vessels
We can share what we have
The needy can get some life
The loaded one feel not guilty
Imagine the vessels singing
It won’t be noise anymore
The vessels will be colorful
Inside and out being real
And musical with percussion
Happiness can live there too!
~ Dawn #happypoetrymonth #aprilthepoetrymonth

This beauty peaks in two weeks…


I may be like a twig short and weak,
You will judge as well for how I look,
My color, my race, my family, my city,
You will count my leaves and feel sorry for it,
Here I am for you with full of blossoms and spike,
The color, and the message to renewal as symbolic,
The fleeting nature of life, short and sweet for us,
This beauty peaks in two weeks and then tend to fall,
Such is life hence enjoy the spring which has its own beauty,
Because fragility of life, that’s my story for you all to remind,
Life is beautiful until it looks but there’s a short trip to all of this!

What’s on your mind?

My face may say something,
My mind may think different,
My expressions might scare,
My actions may be wonderful
Or even awful that some will say,
But hey, all it means what I grow
In my mind of thoughts I cultivate,
Positive or negative or neutral?
You got to think! Think! Think!!!
What I say?

Nature’s way of telling…!

A beautiful flower
That brings the joy,
It decks up the tree
like an ornament,
All ready to celebrate
the season spring,
With the freshness
In the air to embrace,
Makes everyone
happy and gay,
Nature’s way of telling,
Life can be green and grey,
What gets highlighted
Is happiness and joy,
The dry and flaky leaves,
Are the joys from the past,
Only to support the present,
The color vibrant and lively,
Welcoming everyone to spring!

Go? No-Go?


Sitting around the coders,

Programmers and testers,

Fun discussions on P1s,

Some updates on projects,

As the deadline approaches,

The pressure to kill and rebuilds,

Tests and some more tests,

To get to a zero P1s and twos,

It’s a marathon at stand-ups,

And by the end of the days,

Checking on team off-shores,

At dawn it’s 100% good news,

We close as much of the gaps,

Final run and final calls,

Go? No go?

~ Dawn


“Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.”

Lately, I have been in transition mode with job. Coming back to Cisco is like bringing back my initial times of US, when I was a bit sad for leaving Canada and that’s when I found friends at work…!
Now I am back there and searching for those friends :), I know they are there it’s just that I am not able to connect without my laptop! Yes, you take a week or more to get a laptop in Cisco 😉 ~ like they say ~ in big company’s things take a bit time!!

“Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except over technology” ~ John Tudor

So, what am I doing in Cisco without laptop (as mostly one seems to not working at all without the laptop 😉 ), I am reading stack of documents, making my days long and sleepy!

Hey exciting news which really is exciting for me… Loll! I got a call in the morning saying – one of my Hindi poem has been selected by a kido (shweet one of 6-7 yr old), we call her ‘Zhansi Ki Rani’ (I guess the world’s first woman who fought in the battle in India to save her Zhansi!!!).
This Kido – Niharika decided to recite one of my poems in school for her poem reciting competition…I am so thrilled to hear this, all I could wish was ‘Good Luck’.

I don’t know what the result would be but I feel very honored when a child selected my poetry to recite of all others 🙂

“Mine honor is my life; both grow in one; Take honor from me and my life is done.” ~ William Shakespeare

My day started with excitement and I still feel the breeze of it ;), even though without laptop this technology has made me feel like handicap!!

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” ~ Stewart Brand