My Love!


I was waiting eagerly for him,
Sometimes I blamed it on the clouds,
They must be hiding him from me,
Or sometimes wondering if it’s him,
I ignored this time as I can’t take the stress,
If he really loves me he has to prove it,
And yes, I was stubborn and determined too,
But then, impatience creeped in and started looking for him,
To my surprise I saw something that I thought to be streetlight,
But naughty him, was trying to trouble me,
Disguising himself and fitting right in between the leaves,
The apple of my heart was right there with promising nights!
~ Dawn



The suspension bridge that connects everyone!


The suspension bridge of San Francisco,
The pride when see from that far on the plane,
Makes home so beautiful with value and love,
The one mile wide bridge that connects the bay,
The wonders of the modern world at San Francisco,
Taking off from this place where many wants to land,
For the liberal and humanistic approach at this city that I live in,
The one that was once the longest and tallest in the world,
The orange vermilion color stands out no matter how far, or foggy it is,
Always the pride of home that’s Golden gate for you all 😉
~ Dawn



Houses and high rised buildings,
Sign of a progressive nation,
Flyovers and bridges become monuments,
Billions spent over there to keep the name and fame,
Different sizes and shapes, different heights and lengths,
All these and yet homelessness everywhere,
A perspective on earth that would make you think…!
~ Dawn


The selfless love ❤️


The selfless love you get from them,
Is just that you also can’t repay them,
No one else, but them misses your presence,
And the touch, the feel, the warmth all in one,
It’s the expression of love and missing,
Somewhere we have a connection with,
That’s why we don’t speak but share same feelings,
Who says love is blind? It’s an expression,
It needs to be expressed whether someone returns it or not,
Care more for them as they don’t yell or abuse you,
They can’t even share their pain with you,
Love them for they don’t give you anything other than love 💕
~ Dawn

Home is where your loved ones are!


Home is where your heart is,
Home is where you’re content,
Home is where your loved ones are,
Home is where someone is waiting for you,
Home is where you live because,
A visit and a visitor always have a timeline 😉
I also had to meet the timeline,
In three days had to come back,
With results, plans and timelines,
Three days gave me attachments with team,
Yet longing with my loves ones,
True, Home is where your loved ones are…
And they are there and here too !
~ Dawn #happypoetrymonth #poetrymonth#homesweethome



No matter how many walls you build,
No matter how many hurdles you create,
No matter how much disparity you bring,
No matter how much hatred you add on,
To everyone’s daily life with your actions,
No matter how much chaos you create,
No matter what you do with your power,
Those who needs to seek love and happiness,
They will seek it no matter what!
~ Dawn


Until you reach the destination it’s a ride!


Riding alone whether it’s cab, Uber or plane,
It’s a different journey altogether,
An anxiety, an exploring mind, yet cautious,
A deep breath and walk through the memory lane,
The first time, when was that, long time,
Yet there’s no change to the anxiety,
It’s still the same after so many years,
Why can’t we be the same as lookswise,
Even after so many years and anxiety!?!
See, age has nothing to do it’s a mere number,
Whether it’s business or pleasure trip,
Until you reach the destination it’s a ride!
~ Dawn