It’s a story of one of those evenings…!

The beautiful picture is in making,
A tinch of orange is still shining,
The grey color of ash is messing,
Still the plain canvas is conveying,
A story and the story that’s evolving,
Grey and orange with a black mixing,
It’s a story of one of those evenings,
Where love and hate uncovering,
The mystery of being together!
~ Dawn

Nature’s way of telling…!

A beautiful flower
That brings the joy,
It decks up the tree
like an ornament,
All ready to celebrate
the season spring,
With the freshness
In the air to embrace,
Makes everyone
happy and gay,
Nature’s way of telling,
Life can be green and grey,
What gets highlighted
Is happiness and joy,
The dry and flaky leaves,
Are the joys from the past,
Only to support the present,
The color vibrant and lively,
Welcoming everyone to spring!

The evening was a planned one 😉


The evening was a planned one,.
I was waiting eagerly for this one,
The excitement was mutual and even,
We had so many things to share n be one,
Yet the feel, there was a reason for everything,
I cherished my past, present and planned,
The future where we travel, the dream that I saw,
Years after I try again to fulfill, there’s a reason,
Life is to live and not to waste as we have timeline,
Need to meet that or is delayed and strolled,
Cherish the moment and strike off the goals,
For time is precious meet people here or at the other end 😉
~Dawn #happypoetrymonth

A dusky evening…!

I took a paint brush,
Looked for a canvas,
Didn’t find one anywhere,
So looked up to the sky,
Yes, it should be a blue sky,
But let me add some color,
A little bit of pink and orange,
Yes, but I ran out of green so?
Let’s paint it black I thought,
Then should the trees be black?
Why not, all that is green be black?
A dusky evening story wound up like that! 😉

Happy wishes on this note!


Busy day,
Full of meetings,
Planning and discussions,
Lots of ideas and implementations,
We all think of that ideal world,
Where we have a process in place,
And People to face,
To deliver the product,
Which we interfaced,
Yet planning on backlogs,
With sprints after sprints,
And the day ends with a cake,
It’s someone’s birthday!
Happy wishes on this note!
~ Dawn

Fact is I took the flight alone…21 years back!


Thinking about 21 years back,
If not taken Royal Jordanian flight,
I would be still in my city Pune,
Working for a fabulous company,
Thrashing lame system of government,
For all the corruption incidents,
After all the struggle and challenges,
The dusk will down with success,
Each day would inspire to live,
Would have been still married,
But no kids for sure then,
Fact is I took the flight alone,
I feel 21 which makes me young,
Still high on adventurous rides,
Enjoying the thrills of living life,
On the edge is what I loved,
Suspense-thriller roller coaster ride,
Don’t we all want that in life?
On this day 21 years ago,
I was sitting at the airport,
Thinking what to do next,
Simple pleasures of my life,
Each day there’s a new Dawn!


These scattered clouds!


Thoughts today are like,

These scattered clouds,

Whether to be or not,

Comprehensive or open,

Backups or no backups,

Scale sets or auto scales,

Simplify or complicate,

Snowball or glaciers,

Import or export,

Cloud watch or cloud trail,

Deep learning or machine learning,

Media tailor or media store,

Cloud search or elastic search,

And it goes on and on,

Without making its mind,

But I am on top of the cloud,

May be Cloud9 or in the pipeline,

Thoughts today are like,

These scattered clouds!

~ Dawn