He thought he could hide from me,
And so started playing hide and seek with me,
Behind the trees sometimes the mountains,
It seemed, I am choosing him,,
And so he was par at his game,
Nevertheless I was tough too,
Caught him and his glance,
He shyed away with embarrassment,
And I had to say, Goodnight!
~ Dawn


The heartbreaking fire..!


The day started way early for me,
It was an access issue for users,
Thought it can wait till I reach work,
But seemed it was a blocker for all,
Got up to mitigate the issue,
And in no time got it resolved,
Day seemed much accomplishing…
Until, the news of fire emerged,
Multiple thoughts, how? who? why?
Whether it’s a heritage, monument, history
Makes it a mourning moment for all,
A day that started on a positive note,
Ended with deep thoughts and sadness!
~ Dawn

A Beautiful Day!

Beautiful day and beautiful plan,
Meeting and eating was so fun,
Exploring the place, food and people,
Yet walking carelessly along the stores,
Looking and admiring calling history,
So much to cherish and relate with,
The day carried on from place to home,
Sharing stories being with nature as one,
Until the clouds came together telling,
Dusk is here so Dawn can come again 😉
After #got we said adios to the day!
~ Dawn

A Friday Night..!


I am good looking healthy yet naughty
Lots of tomatoes hugged tightly
enough to get the juice out of it
Worcestershire sauce to ignite the romance
Add a bit of grated horseradish,
With little bit of naughtiness of vodka
And to spice it up a bit of pepper
To bring the tickle add pinch of salt
And freshly ground black pepper
Ain’t I a healthy drink which everyone wants it?
I am here to spice up your weekend
A vegetation drink for you 😉Cheers!!!

It’s a new day with new waves


It’s a new day with new waves,
New beginnings, new planning,
A clean slate with chalk to draw
Discussions and meetings to draw
Tensions of previous work and bugs
Will we resolve? And move forward?
Team at work struggling and solving
At the end of the day everything solved
Bugs gone, application worked fine
There’s a meeting to go or no go,
Champagnes are ready to open and
Heart is beating, will it be Go or No-go?
Or will someone bring new issues?
All that ended in a laughter and claps
Everyone worked hard to release and
So the celebration began…!

The journey just began…!


The journey I took 22 years ago,
One way ticket to Toronto,
Still remember the night I landed,
With no idea where to go whom to talk to,
Cause you got to protect from strangers,
Yet a stranger helped me find a hotel,
A place where I thought through my plan,
A night changed me
From a scared to responsible,
Next day started with hunt
for place and job,
And the journey continued
from one place to the other,
One job to the other,
Learned people one by one,
On my way found some friends,
Whom you think are close were who used,
Others showed the path to liberate,
With determination and struggles,
Found new ways and new learnings,
Found a sales person inside me,
Who led to success one after the other,
Today, I look back with full of gratitude,
Humility and humanity taught love wins
No matter who you are, what you are
A journey we all have to take of our own,
From one place to the other and it goes on…!