Houses and high rised buildings,
Sign of a progressive nation,
Flyovers and bridges become monuments,
Billions spent over there to keep the name and fame,
Different sizes and shapes, different heights and lengths,
All these and yet homelessness everywhere,
A perspective on earth that would make you think…!
~ Dawn



There’s more to her story…!


She is pure like this pretty flower,
She is smart and determined too,
She is capable and elegant indeed,
She has to work hard to be,
She is intimidating to some may be,
But her struggle is different than all,
Was she born like this? No, I would say!
Did she ask for to be born like this?
No, I would say!
Everyone sees the beauty and the outlook,
But very rare who see’s her bruises,
Everything that you see is not it,
There’s more to her story just like,
Everyone else has a story,
Don’t take her innocence for granted,
Don’t take her politeness as her weakness,
Don’t just test her patience for your sake,
Coz she has more to take on once you are done!
~ Dawn #happypoetrymonth #aprilthepoetrymonth