What is hOpe?

What is hope?
To want? To desire?
To expect that what’s envisioned
may indeed happen?
YES to all of the above.
Is hope that gut feeling that it’s
worth holding out
and hanging on for just a little longer?
Is hope the core of the human condition?
Can you have hope a without
faith and humility and wonder?
Just the thought that there’s something bigger,
Something truer, something totally surprising
out there waiting for us is…
what would you be without hope
growing deep in your bones,
thriving in every inch of you?
Today I completed 8 successful years away from my homeland….it’s just like yesterday when I landed here…wondering what should be my next move…with a hope ?… and here What does it take to hope? EVERYTHING. πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “What is hOpe?

  1. <>“what would you be without hope,growing deep in your bones,thriving in every inch of you? NOTHING.”<>loved this “nothing” thing πŸ™‚

  2. Wow….reminded of this one See through yon cloud that rolls in wrath, One little star benignant peep, To light along their trackless path The wanderers of the stormy deep. And thus, oh Hope! thy lovely form In sorrow’s gloomy night shall be The sun that looks through cloud and storm Upon a dark and moonless sea.

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