There is always someone who loves you more than you know….:) Iam that little one 😉 Posted by Hello


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  1. Love is what rejuvenates the weary heart,An emotion that can bind things that are so apartLife’s biggest blessing to man,A sense that makes him be more humanFortunate are those who have found it in life,For they see this world in all its colorful brillianceThose words of caring that make an impact every day,Those gestures that could make someone love his dayIt’s a tender thread that binds us all,And with a heart of gold you can bind it strongerA Glance at this world from our own eyesMakes us question if god ever gave it same to allIf all had love in the same measure as we believeWhy would there be so dearth of it in the mindMay be it was always distributed evenlyBut it is managed to be so unevenly usedA truth that I have seen so significant in lifeIs, that it always grows if you give it moreAnd you will have more of it to give out more

  2. WOW…..<>Chacha Ghalib <>…amazing!!!..and sorrow’s alchemist!!! kewl 😉<>Nuyi<>…awesome! I could feel every word of it…and the last what you said..that it always grows if you give it moreAnd you will have more of it to give out more …so true…keep writing…as I often tell you…you are just superb..keep it up!

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