What a Surprise!!!

This friend of mine..Milind Date…who always made me laugh through out my 3 years graduation..sometimes with his funny jokes on self…or sometimes on others….! I cannot stop laughing even now…I remember.. when he used to tell our Chemistry teacher Mrs Gowarikar to explain Organic Chemistry in marathi(local language spoken in the province of Maharashtra)…whew!!!!!and then the anger face of hers turning red on the laugh of other students..she used to hate him as he never left any opportunity to embarass her haha!!

…after long time I met him in the year 2003 while I was shopping some fake jewellery in Hongkong lane (Pune),and he was line marowing…lol !!!

I never thought I will meet him ever in my life…as his passion for flute and mine for studies totally took as in different direction…I was meeting another friend of mine Shama and we all three really had a good time…took some pictures…it was like life back in Ferggy…I just cannot forget those days…it was like I have wings to fly …but then I am in a new world ….as mother bird teaches…her kids not to fly too high…and such times I made some of lifetime friends with amazing memories…:)
Today I received his mail…what a surprise…he is so busy a international star though on a small scale I would say…but I know he has lot more fans in South Korea than in India…he calls himself crazy and also to me! But today he says you are getting worse than me LOL….

We just click on jokes..just like that…! It’s so difficult to get the same humor clicked at the right time and moment …I am proud of him. All his hard work is paying..! My best wishes to him today and forever..! Milind …you are just gr8! …you know whos this …the coolest one 😉


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