As a child I grew up with many pets and I was fortunate for getting the pets..what I asked from my parents. I had 3-4 dogs of fine breeds…then we had cats just similar the one is posted below -the mother & the child…we had both mother & daughter…mother was my mum’s and the daughter was mine 😉 she was cute …as I grew up I had rabbits or bunnies -a couple, then squirrel…! They say its good to have a pet as …one learns to care and share when as a kid you are growing. Today…I was in a pet shop to buy one and I was not able to decide upon…now the priorities have so much changed that the emotional aspect is kept aside and I was thinking logically as the least effort it should take to manage. The guy at the store was suggesting right from the insect -Cricket…lady bug..& all that reminded me of my biology lab in school…no ! I dont want that one at home…and eventually I decided upon having this fish which is low maintainance haha ! that’s what the guy Mick said. I got it home and named her Betzy….she looks beautiful though purple-blue colour…the geographic origin is of Thailand (Siam) wow …;) and its scientific name is Betta Splendens….! A journey towards new companionship 🙂
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  1. Perhaps you want a pet who is easy to looked after because you are really concern about their happiness/health/lives and don’t want anything who will be sad and miserable because of your busy life.That’s my feeling. I also grew up with lots of pets.

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