I love people when I love them for being people, and not for being young or old or beautiful or hip. I wish I could love what humanity has built just because humanity has built it: streets, power lines, buildings, cars. It’s easy to love nature. Why? I have been taught that God made trees. But is that all God made? Art, grace, melody, beauty, are a way of looking. Why isn’t traffic music to me, and music noise? Posted by Hello


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  1. Good questions. Have you found any answers? Perhaps evolutionary reasons. Any sort of loud noise usually meant danger to our ancient foreparents. That’s why traffice – which is usually loud – is not enjyed by us as involuntarily, due to evolution, our bodies become tense, expecting danger. Thus we can’t enjoy it.

  2. Everytime someone talk about death and life….for some reason this sher pops up in my empty headMein samandar ke seene mein chattan thaRaaj ek mauj aayee aur baha le gayeeWe all think we are healthy and fit but actually its just a matter of seconds. 😦

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