Birthday Time!!!!

Yesterday…I heard some sad news..people’s sad demise…and I was wondering how strange is the game of life…its just like the world time differences..when its dawn at one place its actually setting down at the other end…what an irony!!! AND…today…..
April 17th….I know more than one person who’s b’day is today 🙂 isn’t that amazing…that I do know and am thinking …how many more there would be whom I don’t even know…but then my heart wishes to all those whom I know…& I don’t know…
Happy Birthday!!! to you all……….
Let the music move you
let the moment take your hand
let it lead you out into
the middle of the dance floor and
embrace you.
Dive off the high board,
ride with the top down
thrive like a wildflower
and sing 😉
(who cares what you sound like)
with a voice all your own.
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7 thoughts on “Birthday Time!!!!

  1. Not my b’th day, but if it’s yours then all the best wishes :).Like that picture? How do you make those, where do you get them? We used to celebrate the b’th day of my little brother (my pet dog). But, could never make him hold the knife to cut the cake.Thanks for liking my audio-blog. I also want to put up some video-blog, but they usually require lots of memory, don’t know which place will allow me to do so. I’ve heard that they are now having some sort of video blogging. But, I’ve not checked it out.Oh! A belated Happy New Year to you as well :).

  2. flick: thats a cute n simple smile. Like it!Kl: Dear thanks for all wishes…its not my bday..I know some 11-12 friends who’s bdays fall on this date and hence I thought to wish to all at the same time 🙂Reg. the pic..isnt it gr8..well I have a friend she is very good with her pet…I think her hobby is only photography with the model in her home -the pet 😉Let me know if you get any info on video-blog 🙂Till then do visit..chao!

  3. Unaiza nasim:bahut sahi kaha aapne!!! but still I don’t like the thought ke hum fate ke aage mazbur hein…this helplessness drives me nuts!!!🙂 thanks for ur visit please do come again! & again 🙂Khizzy: Thanks for loving the pic and dropping by a line.Pls do visit!

  4. Har Baarish se humaari yaad jude hein….Girthi hey jab baarish ki woh pehali boonthYaad aate hey humein koyi bachpan ki baatSchool jab niklthe the, aur chhatri bhool jate theAgar chhatri liya to, zaroor school mey bhool aate theGirthi hey jab baarish ki woh pehali boonthYaad aate hey humein woh pehli mulakaqatEk chhatri leke nazdiik chalna aur phir bhi bheeg jaanaPhir jaake Rafiq miya ki dhookan se woh Qulfi khanaMaa haul mey chaa jaata hey, Woh mitti ki khushbuWoh yaaden, woh humare pyar ki guftagoo

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