Share with Friends ..always;)

Phew!!!!! finally, I got My Radio Blog..up running..;) Remember I said…busy with some research….yeah ..all day I was relaxing until I was surfing something in the evening and radio blog caught my eyes…thought why not give a try 😉
Do try listening to the songs…I have tried to add all kinds…even English for non-desi’s ;)….at the side bar and do comment with …suggestions for I will update my list …hey isn’t that we learnt “sharing means caring” 🙂
Enjoy & now I think I should go to bed ..:D Posted by Hello


11 thoughts on “Share with Friends ..always;)

  1. Haven’t listen to your radio-blog yet. Will listen to it and then comment :):). Err…don’t you think that bone is a bit too big for you two and instead of two a party should be thrown to share it ;)??

  2. Before i comment on the radio blog, i must say, this entire blog of urs is simply amaizing,it gives so much pleasure reading ur stuffz with so cute pictures 😀Comming to the radio blog, its Wonderful but requires a really high speed to get played yet the collection of songs is marvellous 🙂

  3. chacha ghalib: Thanks for the encouragement! ;)keep adding to the list 🙂kl: ur right..its too big hence am sharing here with you all 😉animesh: you betcha!unaiza nasim: Just click on one of the song and it continues…make sure you have your speakers/headset on 😉 & let me know:)gumnaaaam: Thanks for your visit and kind comments!! its not slow ..however I think may be its at your end 😉

  4. hmmmm congrats for launching the radio blogbut the songs automatically kept changingslow speed or what i dont know !a dampner for dial up users like us in subcontinent

  5. i love you all putting up great radio blogs. mooooaah! :))) great work yara, but there seems to be a lil bit of problem here. i hope yull get it fixed soon. 🙂

  6. manish: Thanks! but i think…its the slow at this end no one had any probs…!!! still enjoy 😉flick: aah!! thats shooo shweeet!!! kuchi kuchi…:) dear I think its the connection since I tried myself and things are smooth…so keep listening when the connection is at its full pace;)Thanks a lot thats a gr8 encouragement:):hail:

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