Happiness sneaks through a door you didn’t know that you left open

I got this picture from my friend..:) and I kept on looking at it for a while…how beautiful eyes they have…even though they are animals…Nature has created so many things …and so perfect ;)….& looking at them …I said everyone should treat themselves …:) isn’t it? after all..’we’ as person do so many things ….many times things get unnoticed by others but hey…we can give a pat to self and treat ourselves 😉 what say? 😀

Today I treated myself in my own way…where there was peace…inner satisfaction & a smile …just like the light golden one has in its eyes 🙂

It reminds me Jaggu’s ghazal..aisee aankhein nahi dekhi hahaha..beauty really in the eyes of the beholder…:)

“Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living”

That’s all I can think of today….all mix thinking…am still admiring so many things around me that nature has created ….:) Posted by Hello


6 thoughts on “Happiness sneaks through a door you didn’t know that you left open

  1. Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!Look to this Day!For it is Life, the very Life of Life.In its brief course lie all the Verities and Realities of your Existence.The Bliss of Growth,The Glory of Action,The Splendor of Beauty;For Yesterday is but a Dream,And To-morrow is only a Vision;But To-day well lived makes Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness,And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope.Look well therefore to this Day!Such is the Salutation of the Dawn! -Kalidasamy mesage to u is all in this…me first time here…came from madiha….nice blog man

  2. What do you mean by “they have beautiful eyes..they are animals?” I think all animals have beautiful eyes. Yeah, nature, friends, everything is beautiful and just our presence makes us happy. I don’t understand how can people not enjoy, and instead create such havoc in the world.

  3. kl: If you read…I said nature has created everything so beautiful but the expression that one can see in that golden colored is unique than the other one..:) wont u agree:)You said it right…about the havoc..thats why I like animals 😉we can learn from them!

  4. sophia: welcome..:) I really..liked what Kalidas has said and probably this was induced long back in my mind when I read in school…hence I believe in today..now the very moment 😉Thanks for ur visit…hope to see more 🙂 Please do visit!

  5. Oh great , nice post , this topic reminds me of wht i read today only ,let me share here as well<>“True Happiness is not found in external advantages such as material luxury,political power,or good health.True happiness lies in not being dependent on such random and fleeting things.And b’coz happiness does not consist in benefits of this kind, it is within everone’s reach.Moreover,having once been attained,it can never be lost! “<>

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