"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well."

Today…I felt exactly as what once I read ..very philosophical…..give away everything…as nothing belongs to you…you came in this world with empty hand and you will go from this world empty hand ..whatever you made you made here…so what is it that is yours :)….

Yes I read this when I was in school…and today I felt that I am giving away things….as if am gonna be born again :)…!!!!

It is not that there are no accidents, evil, deformity, pettiness, hatred. It’s that there is a broader view. Evil exists in the part. Perfection exists in the whole. Sin is seeing nearsightedly. And I can choose this broader view – not that I always will …;) but I always can 😀

” The lessons we learn are forthcoming every day. What we take from them is up to us.” Posted by Hello


15 thoughts on “"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well."

  1. reminds of something….Ek pal ka jeena, phir to hai jaanaTohfa kya leke jaiye, dil ye bataanaKhali haath aaye the hum, khali haath jayengeBas pyar ke do meethe bol jhilmilaayengeTo has kyonki duniya ko hai hasaana Aye mere dil tu gaye jaaAye aa ey aa o aaSing aloud and and do the Hrithik dance… tiding tiding ….tiding tiding wala dance :))

  2. nice post!well said all of us r part evil part nice!no one can be perfectonly thing is to see which part of the person affects us more…..

  3. very true dawn ji ,sab ay bhi khali hath thay jaengay bhi khali hath , magar anay aur janay mai farq sirf itna hoga k ay thay tou koi neki ya gunah nahi lay thay apnay sath par aab jo jaein gay tou chaand achaiyaan aur dheroun gunaahoun ka boojh apnay sath lay kar jaein gay, jo is dunya ki mukhtasir si zindagi mai kiye.<>AY THAY KHALI HATH TOU LOGON KA SATH THAAB JAENGAY TOU KOI BHI HUM-RAAH NA HOGA<>

  4. Hey, bounced here from Sat’s blog. Really liked the Radio.blog. Its excellent and so is your taste in music. Listening to some stuff after a really really long time..

  5. Hmm…why such realization now???? It should have been part of your very existence. Didn’t you learn anything from our dear friends who go by names such as cats, dogs, etc… :):):):)….wow! what a lecture…well, I’am giving away too :):):)

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