I am not angry, damnit, I am passionate!!!

Today I am dead tired….work …work and more work….when you try to accomplish a lot in less time and then you have problems with technology…grrrr how do you feel 🙂 ? Its awful…full of frustration….for a while and then I felt…no worry…:) I should relax this moment at the least…!!!

That’s when I remembered a saying “Rainbows apologize for angry skies.” Such a huge meaning is hidden in those lines…I felt ….and started thinking…from history how anger has affected the world..the people…even mother nature has it…but then there is always a compensation to it like the rainbow…a better side to look at ..:)

It had been a long day….one of the pics I posted in April blogs…”it was a long week-sleepy kitty” …Its only Monday and I already feel like that ..!!!! It’s time to go to bed…say prayers and sweet dreams 🙂 with this saying…

Anger blows out the lamp of the mind

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8 thoughts on “I am not angry, damnit, I am passionate!!!

  1. Geeee…I’ve been away for 3 days, and you’ve blogged so muuuchchh….:):):)…Okay, gotta read all of them this evening/tomorrow and comment.

  2. wow what a way to get rid of tireness…..ab hum bhi jub tired honge to cake laya karenge aur doosron par maarenge 😉Waise yeh kutte billiyan phir se shuru 😛

  3. Oh Man! I’m so dead tired…I can’t even explain, write, get angry, happy, anything….For the last 4/5 days I used to get up at 4 in the morning, and attend conferences, give poster presentations, and then go to bed at 10 in the night :(:(:(. And, ever since I’ve come back my advisor is pushing me for more work :(:(:(:(:(:(…..yooooooo…I’m crying. Nice post though. Another thought = out of all these tiredness, we’ll get something.

  4. aray Dawn ji itna guessa saihat kay liay acha nahin hota ha ha ha ha buri baat,be happy and cheer upguessay main aap kaisi lagti hain zara batao tu aisi hi hay na

  5. mirzaghalib: thnx but not necessary that in ur case cake would work lolabhishek kumar: Thnx for dropping by …u said it…and its still not over yet!!!!kl: no need to explain I can very well understand ur situation….let’s console eachother 😉 tk cr!! remember health is wealth (hehe)ishagill: shukriya aap yahan aaye humei bahut accha laga..:) ghussa kis panchi ka naam hey…ye to hum jaante nahi…lekin mastiyan khoob karte hein 😀 shayad oosi ko passionate bataya hey humne 😉 waqai sehat ke liye bilkul accha nahi 🙂 shukriya phir ek baar!lars: at least the pic could bring smile on ur face…I have won !! 😉tk cr n thnx…I will take rest when am gone for vacation lol

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