"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun"

“There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy.”

Yes…that’s how I feel as the day is approaching…:) I am enjoying this stress of packing and when I see that my luggage is increasing :O…but thank god…I can check them in 😉 !!

I don’t know but …no matter how tensed or stressed situation is …I need to laugh and have a little fun 😉 that’s me…as it’s not the end of the world hehe on saying that…..my two days are going to be so busy ….meetings…walk-thru’s…..updates of the documentation and then sign-off’s …gosh!!!! Project Management isn’t that simple as it denotes….but then..sometimes I just look at people and admire as an outsider…and then..try to find what is the problem hahaha!!! It’s fun even in stressful situations….I often enjoy…such moments 😉

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”
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10 thoughts on “"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun"

  1. Tensed situation mai bhi khushi dhoondhana ,ye hi tou aapki mindblowing khasiyaat hai :D,isay kabhi janay na dijiye ga 😉-Abraham Lincoln-sahab kehtay hain kay<>“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” 😉 <>

  2. sammish: thanx for ur visit and ur pic is so funny 🙂 I sply enlarged it to see a closer view 😀keep visiting!gumnaaaam:Thnx so much for everything 😀kl: Thnx dear! leaving on June 1st evening 😀 & coming bk….r u ready for this …lol…aug hehehe…too less isn’t it !! I will be blasting lol! but hey..I promise…I will miss u 😀

  3. I can’t believe this!!! You’re going away for 2/3 months (imagine an angry face as I can’t go)!!! Ok, if I’m not mistaken you’re going to Bombay. Good! it has now very fast (ethernet/cable) inernet connection. So, we need your presence in our blogs and in your blogs as long as you’re in India; otherwise, your blog will be stolen :D:D:D:D…..heheheh…lol…..hahahaha…..lol….hohoho….Ok, don’t get boiled in that hot summer of bombay.In case you don’t come to visit your blog tomorrow or I miss you, so here it goes: Have a safe trip. Have lots of fun and enjoyment. Don’t drink and eat tooo muuch (remember your starving friend back in the USA) ;);). Have a safe return trip. See ya in August. :):)

  4. I like your Churchill quote, above. In fact, my blog entry today talks about attitude.Yikes, I can’t believe you’ll be gone THAT LONG! What kind of projects do you MANAGE!?!?!Hope you can post while you’re away!

  5. kl: dear thanks a lot…I will be blogging and for sure..but dont know if this often 😉 but dear…I will missh u loldave: hehe I try to live each day …and thats why even though I manage projects for a Software company for mutual funds…I try to manage 😉 hehe..Yes..in this short period of time..I have been attached to u all..how can I be away from you all …:) I will post for sure 🙂thnx so much!

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