Security is a kind of death….:D

People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering…….!

Yes…am back…but not with the same pace :D…well…now I understand why some of my friends couldn’t listen to my ‘radio blog’ 😉 …but even before that….about my trip to Bombay…lol…During my flight I made lot of friends on the way…I had a connecting flight via Moscow….all this time I was enjoying the trip until I reached..Bombay to collect my baggage after my customs clearance…! Everyone left…except me 😦 …when I enquired…it seemed the gal at the Toronto airport gave me the boarding pass for Moscow but sticked the sticker with destination as Delhi for my luggage …baaahhh ahhhh 😦 ….Yes and guess what am still waiting to receive…I was zapped when the guy at the Bombay airport said…how can such blunder happen???…in India also this doesn’t happen…:( I was so ashamed and embarrassed …couldn’t help but gave all the information so that I can be reached with my luggage information :)….as I believe

“The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings” isn’t it 😉
Well…right now my situation is like the above cat…I sleep as per the EST Canadian time…:D ..but am enjoying the hot weather…almost 40 degrees…and guess what…am eating those riped mangoes…ummmm yummy….so yummy and tasted those in Canada :p
There are two kinds of adventurers; those who go truly hoping to find adventure and those who go secretly hoping they won’t…..I think my case happened to be the later 😉 ….yes now am almost ready to go to bed 😀 …so guys am back…with slow internet speed so please tolerate me lol…and I should be back n forth…but am enjoying the moment 😉 like they say 😉

It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs 😀 Posted by Hello


14 thoughts on “Security is a kind of death….:D

  1. Aate hi aam khane suru kar diye! Waise kuch MIRZA ke liye bhi rakh chorna suna tha chacha ko bhi bahut pasand the aam 🙂wahan hot hai to humare ird gird to boiling hai kal asansol ka temp 46 aur Orissa mein 47 tha!Hope ki apka luggage jaldi aa jaye!

  2. <>WeLlCoMe bAcK InDiAn Lady<> ha ha ha ha plz don’t mind okay just for joke,really, Your situation is like the cat.Yes this cat is very beautiful,haan na ,acha kaya abhi saman nahin aia ,a jaay ga,acha Aam pasand hain mughay batao main bhaij doon pata hay Multan Aamoon ka ghar hay laikin bhaijoon kaisayfamous hay Multan kay Aam aik dafa kha kay dekho humaray apnay bagh kay

  3. WOW! Dawn! I think you could use a nice long VACATION from your vacation! And if that guy was trying to tell you that no one in India ever made a mistake… well, he was both wrong and unsympathetic!You have a GREAT attitude! Here’s a quote from one of my favorite artists: “Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.” Check her out at, my wife LOVES mangoes (but they sometimes give her “mango rash”). 😉 Welcome back!!!!

  4. Wow, glad you are back home safe and back to blogging ;). It wasn’t something new for sending your baggage to a different destination, happened more than 3 times to me and every time this happened Baggage control people have the same standard answer and comment…..How could this ever happen. One day I even told them it’s your job security if this didn’t happen where would you be?? She looked at me for a second and answered me with a smile, “Sir, my apologies for any inconvenience but it rare happens with our Airline.” I don’t want to get into the whole discussion here as this happened 2 times with Lufthansa when my baggage was sent to somewhere else. Akele akele aam khayenge to pet mein dard hoga, waise aam to hum bhi kha rahe hain who bhi India ke Alphonso aur dasehri 😛 kiya samjhe….kise jalane ki koshish hai. Oh btw whats going on with Tea Parties 😉 any yet?? 😛Isha…Pack em and parcel em 😉 see how simple. Or was that just an excuse 😛

  5. Hey Dawn… WELCOME to India and specially to Amchi Mumbai…Felt sad for your luggage scene but “To err is human” … Mumbai is HOT…and happening too 😉a week more and we should be blessed with rains…have a gr8 VACATION

  6. Yuuck…that luggage episode is really bad. I hope everything is sorted out and you get those bags back quickly.Eating mangoes, huh!!!????? Do you know mangoes lichis and all those summer Indian fruits are my favorite, and mango is the most among them. You will never get those variesties of mangoes that you get in India anywhere in the world – even such varities don’t exist in Bangladesh. Don’t eat too much…else you will be cursed by me :D:D:D….lol…lol….:(:(:(:(:(:(…….Have a great time.

  7. manish: Thanx 🙂 ji haan luggage aagaya..kal ja rahe hein mumbai 😉ishagill: that was a cute gesture dear 🙂 at least u mentioned about the mangoes and the zeal of sharing it with me 😉 think that I got it :D…waise baagh aapke hein to…I can have it any time isnt it? 😉Dave: Thank you so much for all the encouragement..believe me it makes a lot of difference when am reading :)…That guy when he said even in India this doesnt happen..I read the other side…that a lot happens here in India 😉…but this doesnt 😀 hehe!!! Yes, u r right..mangoes are hot and I often think…why mangoes grow only in tropical areas and in hot weather…as mangoes are really hot and people do get the side effects of that as rash…am so far ..okay 😀 …hehe! Tell your wife..I will remember her when am eating now on 😀mirzaghalib: Thanks so much 🙂 yes..for me this is the first time as I never experienced this luggage misplace…but this was the human error made by the gal in I am supposed to be landing in Bombay n she sticked the sticker for delhi…it is mere human error as we all do :)…one should experience everything in life :D…no its so hot hehehe..and yes am eating those alphaso mangoes :p…I didnt know u would get J hehehehehe lolpuneet: yes u r so right…much happening place and its damn hot…even am waiting for those I love to get wet in the rain …) Thanks for every wish 🙂

  8. ji janab apnay hain koi shak aap aian tu Pakistan laikin yaad rahay Mangooooooooooo sirf garmiuon main hotay hain jab chahay aian store kiay huay khila dain welcome most welcome

  9. Bhai Mirza hum kyun jalane lage aapko! Sach batayein to humein India mein rehkar bhi alphanso aam naseeb mein nahin!Haan aapka nick hi aisa hai ki aam ka jikra sath hi aa jata hai !Dekhiye waise is jikra ko chedne se aapko to phaida hi pahuncha muft ke multani aam khane ka invitation bhi mil gaya wo bhi salon bhar ka! he he ha ha

  10. Welcome welcome welcome !!!hum zara yahan jaan kar late ay hain 😉 , pochien kyn ……..hehehehe apko laggage k trouble mai nahi dekh saktay thay na isliye prob k solve honay k baad hi hazir howay hain lolz :D:D:D Aur haan ziada aam na khiye yahan danay hum bhugaat rahy hain 😀

  11. haaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaa waisay aik baat <>Mirza ji<> kabhi bhi jalna nahin chaheay ,hamasha dosroon pay rashak karna chaheay ,hain naha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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