The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts

Blue…its my favourite color…even though people …talk about Monday Blues…(some what depicting low and sad ..kinda mood). This color attracted me so much..that I couldn’t stop to click..:) and when I downloaded it…I saw the small black insect in it think that adds up the beauty…my thought went on why the insect had to be black..n no other color…..and then I said to myself…It takes both the sun and the rain to make a beautiful rainbow ….
and so true..the blue flower with the thick lines ..a cream inside and to top up with cherry 😀 a black insect…!! After such a peaceful soothing…experience I had a terrific volley ball match :D…it was real fun…I loved it…smashing!!! I was so known for my smashes. & headings…:) Sports is something that I will love till death ….!!
Sports do not build character. They reveal it.
I really love each day and each moment of my life …:) “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

“It was the love of love,
the love that swallows up all else,
a grateful love,
a love of nature, of people, of animals,
a love engendering gentleness and goodness
that moved me and that I saw in you.”
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12 thoughts on “The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts

  1. Love the color blue. Almost all shades of it. When I think of blue, I imagine the endless clear blue sky with fluffy clouds floating lazily. Blue to me is a swimming pool on a hot summer noon. Blue is a turquoise stone studded in my bracelet. Blue is about feeling differently at different times, joyful, romantic or meloncholic. Blue is my kind of jeans. Florals and hawaiin feel is my aqua blue crush. A classic color that resonates in many ways…Oh I love blue.

  2. Gosh Dwan u r so talented in writing ur thouhgts out so beautifully…then again talent is useless if u cant imagine n dream beautifully…u got both talent n imagination in u that makes anyone who reads ur posts start thinking…absolutely gorgeous post!~~Blue eyes shimmer with angel glances,Like spring violets over the lea.~~Keshi.

  3. Each day ..each post..each word ..each inspirational…so touching… full of life…full of thoughts….. i must say u and ur thougts are the real source of inspiration for me 🙂keep going… 🙂

  4. hi… i wrote a whole comment and then my boss called me with the laptop so i had to go away with out publishing it 😦 again typing the stuff…Another nice thought… I like blue colour when it comes to clothes…find it quite a cool colour to wear…personally my all time fav col is White… Cool to hear abt ur volleyball match… keep enjoyingcheers

  5. Hey Blue is not for Canadians :):)u should be content with ur red and white! Leave the shades of blue for us to enjoy hee heeI like all shades of blue espescially the color of flower u have photographed!aur haan smashing ki jyada practice theek nahin abhi to voleyball tak theek hai kal ko adat pad gayi to koi to bahut jhelega:):)

  6. dewdrop: Thanks for visiting my blog and so precisely you expressed…:) please do come again !!! I also love all shades of blue..:)cheers!keshi: Thank U dear for appreciating so much ..:) am glad that my dreams can be understood by what I am writing..many times its difficult to express in words…as they dont do the justice..:)..still am trying 😉Loved all your comments 🙂 please do come againcheers!gumnaaaam: wow!!! am just on top of the world to hear this..that I inspire you..:) its a gr8 respect & love that you have given dear..thanks is such a small word..but please understand the depth of it for me 🙂cheers!abdus samad: Thanks for visiting my blog. Punch line I liked it but didnt know of Times of India 🙂 take carecheers!unaiza nasim: wow dear…you here ..your presence makes me so relaxed:) Thanks!avik: Thanks for your visit & kind encourages me a lot 🙂cheers!puneet: :D…gimme ur boss’s # I will tell him next time not to bother u 😉 …lol…cool! I liked your comments may be 2nd time you wrote that shows the appreciation & your warm regards :D….am listening to..’mai pilake aapka kya jayega..’ my fav jagu 😀Thanks so much..:)cheers!manish: hahahaha…U……….!!!! good thing your discrimination part was first and end part made me chill hehehe…so bach gaye aap :p warna…………….the canadian color of red would have been on u …lol…am glad you liked the flower..btw I can give u this as a gift 😉 tk cr haha am laughing on the ‘smashing’ thing hahaha…my Dad did excellent smash today ..:)cheers!

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