Symmetry is what we see at a glance…!!

Today am coming after two days gap ..:) yes and that is coz the landline had some problem and hence couldnt check in through dial-up…(goshhhh I miss my net connection…)!!! Around afternoon time..I felt like to call up the telephone services and ask about the fact..and thus I did call…the other end voice of a guy was so innocent that I couldnt yell at him the way an irritated customer should do..:p he said politely ma’am I Will pass the message to the lineman (who is supposed to be the fixer here )..and in the evening I checked still there was no dial-tone and hence I called up the guy and started…yelling with giving specifications and how the customer (thats me ;)…) feels at the other end…and the poor guy…I just felt bad for him…but at the end I told he should not be only bothered about finishing his job But to make sure the task that he has handed over to his next colleague is getting its end result :D…the guy seemed like getting a new lesson..very happily he agreed hehe am sure he is new..or else..he would have given me good peace of mind …lol!!!

We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us

I look at this pic…and I could see the diamonds…what about you ?? 😉

Symmetry is a complexity-reducing concept (co-routines include subroutines); seek it everywhere Posted by Picasa


11 thoughts on “Symmetry is what we see at a glance…!!

  1. hehe Dawn I bet the guy will never forget that terrific piece of valuable advice, for life 🙂I see Diamonds too….beautiful sparkling stones of elegance and grandeur…Keshi.

  2. he he he he he … this happens with most of the service providers here… and me being in telecom industry know it very well 😉the so called customer care here is not keeping u happy… ur not alone but ;-)>i can see daimonds too :-)))

  3. lols, if the guy was new, am sure he realized the stress in his job 🙂 Customer serv fellas come in all sorts. Some who can tackle your problem in no time, some ignorant ones who’d assure to get back upon consulting a senior collegue, some who would pretend they know everything, but actually know nothing abt the issue you called abt, some keep looking n looking in their computer but find nothing, and yet some rude folks who would simply hang up on you. About the picture, I see straight simple lines which by itself are graceful, elegant and never loses its charm. I see a variety of shapes emerge out of straight lines – squares, rectangles, triangles and diamonds. PS: My ealier entry had a few spelling mistakes, so deleted it. Sorry for taking an extra space:)

  4. Hey DON aakhir utar hi aayi na apne rang mein!Bechare chokre ko khari khoti suna ke khush ho gayi!darasal pehli baar tumhari aawaz mein hi aisa kho ho gaya hoga ki complaint ka dhyan hi nahin rakha!:):)And I see what u see!

  5. keshi: he sounded new..but dont know if thats how the Custome Specialists are here…but the way he reciprocated..I felt he learnt something :D….Am glad u see wht I saw 😀Thnxpuneet: yes u might be well aware..! No customer is happy unless its..excellent & overwhelming experience is given ..but what I dont understand is there are certain things which are expected and ppl think they are doing over n above..thats where they need to be told…!!! 🙂 am a very adjusting am still here!!!Thnx so many different eyes…but we see the same..WOW!!!avik: thanks for short n sweet note 🙂dewdrops: am glad to hear what you shared with me..and yes ..amazed to read what you could see 🙂 …hey dear..u hv space not only in my blog but in my heart …;) keep posting! Thnxmanish: hehehe u make me laugh!!! but ..I was so polite 😦 so nicely I said to him that…all the time same guy was picking the ph ;)…yeah my voice …that of Rani (oops) & yes…I know you would see what I see as…you have my eyes..oops no we have same eyes …lolthnx

  6. there is where u r wrong… he doenst get salary to serve you…he get a salary for having chai, swatting flies, moving files, removing n joining connections, tapping phones, climbing on poles, sliding on poles, spitting pan in is office dustbin, writing hindi or ghati garffiti in his loo, flirting with the aunty social next to him, sucking up to his boss….itna sab karneke time milega tab tera phone line repair karega na….Like they say ” Paisa feko Tamasha dekho “…. nahi behto rote raho.. kismat do gaali do :))btw even i dont give bribe unless there is no way out … I will rahter give them chai pani or beer… it works, trust me

  7. dead I think we create problems for ourselves…now I can say coz u gave something..that guy will expect from others too…‘ellavarukum oru para ..:p’somehow..I go till the root of it..& make sure that I dont have a hand in encouraging these elements 🙂 sorry buddy..thats me 😉‘peace’

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