"Childhood is that wonderful time of life when all you need to do to lose weight is take a bath."

Today…am going to share a strange story..though its not that I have not heard or seen in movies…but those are for huge family properties & those kinds of disputes.

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

This one is about a small family where besides parents they have two intelligent kids..elder a son & younger a daughter..!!!
Parents never planned for anything for themselves but educated there kids as much the kids can …and the kids also studied well and got into good positions..son went to US …the gal got married to a guy against her family but she loved her family and always thought the best for them..she thought her brother is the best and as they say she used to respect him and worship him…

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet

..though the brother’s wife’s entry…seperates him from the parents and forget about sister..she has no place since she got married against everyone’s will..:)
This Gal never expected anything from anyone not even her husband…self made gal she was!!!

Recently, she came to know through her parents how her brother wants the whole money & property whatever the parents have in there name…:D and not to share with sis…am sure the sis never expected a penny from him as he is known miser..& greedy for money…

“Greediness often defeats its own ends, by making us scratch for every trifle when we should dig for gold alone.”

but after so many years when the sis came to know that her so called ..whom she worshipped..had already declared to the family that ‘she’ will not get anything from this family now on..as everything belongs to him 🙂 …sister couldn’t believe this…as she thought her relationship with anyone was beyond such expectations…at least she thought after her parents era…still she will have her brother to be called as her blood & her family person…!!!!

Help one another, is part of the religion of sisterhood…


The man who has won millions at the cost of his conscience is a failure

I think…its better not to have any such siblings…rather having and making them suffer more…!!!

When I see this Tsunami, the present situation in Mumbai…do we have anything other than humanity which exists even at the last minute..???? There were people who were given shelter by there neighbours since there own homes were in flood and distroyed…!!! & look at this brothers attitude towards his own sister..with whom he spent whole childhood ….!!!!

Alas!!! all I want to convey that brother is…don’t think whatever you are earning by hook or crook ..you will be able to enjoy…!!! As when calamity comes it never gives you any warnings or signals..it happens..so dear brother message to you is..Don’t forget your past..love at least your own blood…rest is all…’shunya’ (zero)!!!!

It is not the man who has little, but he who desires more, that is poor

I feel sorry for such people..like the sister..keeping blind faith in her own people…but believe me..her nature is such that around the world…she has friends who are always willing to help no matter what respect it has to be in …:)
…for those who has no one..still God is there for them :)…an old saying in Hindi & Urdu!!! So true!!!….when any problem or need comes whom do we see around its the neighbours…:) who has no expectations but sincerity in whatever they are doing 🙂

I think she has earned more than that brother who is always buying property & investing money and still cribs..”I have no money” hahaha… I pity such people..!!!

Money is neither my god nor my devil. It is a form of energy that tends to make us more of who we already are, whether it’s greedy or loving
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10 thoughts on “"Childhood is that wonderful time of life when all you need to do to lose weight is take a bath."

  1. oye bindass bol…can you name the brother :))and I agree wid you jiska koi nahi uska khuda hai and freinds and neighbours bhi hai….One more thing“Success is relative.. more the success more the relatives””aur ek baat“Apne se paraye acche .. ” :))

  2. @ bombayite: laakh pate ki baat kahi…”Apne se paraye ache..”!!!Whats the use of saying brother ka naam…mein sister ko nahi jaanti phir bhai ka naam nahi maloom yehi accha hai..as I dont want to know such a brother..!!!but the way u asked…I got some ‘Bhai’ thoughts hehehecheers!

  3. Sounds like a blooywood flick…and the worst part is that the brother was claiming for his parents money..haha..that made me laugh like hell…Anyways i pity that brother who didnt realise the biggest wealth besides him,his sister….Anytime,anywhere that love and care gives us strength…Words from experianced person…hehe

  4. Waah…..din ba din badhti hi ja rahi hai is blog ki khubsoorti 🙂Baat ki jae is story ki tou aab k zamnay mai ye buhat aam si baat hogayi hai…Humanity tou dour ..blood realtions ko bhi support nahi kartay apnay…balkay support kehna galat hoga..haq marna is the right word i guess…apnay hi ghar mai…apnoun ko dukh pochna kay namak-harami …huh….humay samjh nahi ata..aesi shorat… aesi dolat say khareday niwalay un logon k galay say utartay kaisay hian!us geet k chnad bol ayad agaye<>Apnay hi nasheman pay giratay hain bijliyaan :/<>

  5. gosh what a truly inspiring story for all those who think money is everything and for all those who believe blood is thicker than water…Keshi.

  6. Good one Dawn… As said u by you… many movies have shown this…But for some people money is everything … I have heard of people snatching ornaments out of dead bodies during Gujarat earth quake and even in Mumbai floods…But to betray your own blood for money is disgusting… I feel money is the only thing, which can come back even if it is gone…but there are so many other things, which won’t ever come back… “How much ever you hug money it never hugs you back”“Waise bhi insaan khaali hath aaya hain aur khaali haath hi jayega”he he he heCheers

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