"Fly high, do or die, dare to dream, cheer extreme."

Friends…today am here to tell you that…I will be taking a break for a week’s time..not b’coz of any exam …lol…since I will be going to Bangalore tomorrow morning…I won’t be here to blog…!!! However….I will be back with lots of stories and experiences….of this Indian Silicon Valley ….the fastest IT industry growing city!!!!

Till then let me share this pic of Eagle…which was flying so high …that my cam could only get the symmetrical version of it heheheh!!!

I will be far like this…but then am sure I will be in your hearts 😉

“Ability may be what takes you to the top, but it is character that keeps you there.”

Happy Week & weekend to all my blogger friends 🙂 Posted by Picasa


15 thoughts on “"Fly high, do or die, dare to dream, cheer extreme."

  1. “Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction”Brilliant that you discovered this. Looking outward at the dawn:)

  2. everyday ur a new star at dawn deep in my heart. The lessons u teach us all r just priceless.Take care n have a great trip…c0me bak soon 🙂Keshi.

  3. HI Dawn……Have a gr8 trip… take care… will wait to hear those stories n experience…“sabr ka fal meetha hota hain”he he he heWill Miss U 🙂

  4. My comment would have come before Keshi’s but some1 called and I had to close the window… But its again together 😉Either b4 or after:-)>(Keshi… Dawn will get wild on both of us some day):-))

  5. Came to see ya Dawny…aww I miss ya n ur posts! Come bak soon…lolllz Puneet together-forever is going forever ha 🙂 yupp yupp Dawn is going to ban us from this site now hehehehe…Keshi.

  6. @pithaly: Welcome to Dawn’s world :)…am so glad to see you here…would love to know what ‘pithaly’ means…!!!Thanks for your beautiful and meaningful gestures..Cheers!@the ice princess: Thnx for all the wishes…:) @vinu: You gave me the biggest compliment ever…:) I could get..as to think…to write and to act is something huge…its like ripple in the silent water..I hope you understand 🙂 thanx for such a wonderful compliment..worth preserving :D…’aaj mein oopar asman neeche..aaj mein aage zamana hai peeche’ 😀thnx a lottttt !@keshi: dear am back…see you called me from your heart and am here just near you 😀 Thnx fr all the goody goody…shweety shweety love that you shower upon me in so many ways 🙂 lots n lots of hugggggs!@puneet: your last sentence makes me senti…:) I missed you all too infact!!!! Thnx dear! btw: ur reasoning …part I loved it hehehehe just sho innocent!!!!! 😀 keep smiling but dont loose that innocense!!!!!@keshi:dear…you all are part of my family and hence how can I ban anyone :D….infact I enjoy your pranks 😉 keep chasing!!!@gumnaaaam: ahm ahm yes BLR…thnx for all your love dear!@dewdrop: thnx dear…good to see you here..keep coming!@avik: Thanks for the wishes…its all your blessings and wishes that kept me so safe and happy throughout the journey..I need them more 😀@mirzaghalib: All I could do was laugh..a big big laugh…:D..cheers!!!!

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