Freedom is the oxygen of the soul……!!!!!!

Happy Independence Day to all ….:) …to me this day is a big senti day…as I often remember…those who sacrificed there lives for people like us…!! I wonder ever they thought of US…WE…the generation??? ….but it was like a craze to sacrifice life for the motherland…!!! I have immense respect for such people.. who had no relation with anyone…who didnt know anyone..still they wanted to see a ‘Dawn’ for there country and for there country people.

But this day when I look at it…its not only the happiness of getting the freedom…its mixed with the success that the country is achieving…day by day…:) India & all Indians should feel proud about it…Also, those who are related to the country by any means …should feel proud ;)!!! Yes, including me …:D

At this moment I remember…Kishore Kumar’s one of the best song..though this could be a tribute to him through my blog ;)..(killing two birds with one stone)…Aug 4th was his Birthday…94th or 96th…somewhere there !!!!

‘Tera mujh se hai pehale ka nata koi
Yoonhee nahi dil lubhata koi’

(We do have some relation with eachother..otherwise our hearts wouldn’t have clicked this way 😉 some where in those lines)

Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better Posted by Picasa


9 thoughts on “Freedom is the oxygen of the soul……!!!!!!

  1. Yeah….the contributions of those unknown people….should be remembered.They sacrificed their youth, their family-life, their own lives….but dont u think media is somewhat responsible for it ?…..anyways nice post…..and“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better” true…

  2. “I would say pledge that you will practise certain things to eradicate from your dictionary and then it will lead others to do so..”please tell me in details…..

  3. This day has so much of importance in our lives… Amazing post… We can see Tiranga every where and most of the channels and radio stations playing the patriotic songs… and showing the histoic events…Its a feeling of pride…AlwayzzCheers

  4. Thank you all so much …@ avik@ mirzaghalib@ keshi & puneet :D…lolit feels good to see everyone happy and free :)…one can only know what it takes to be in a free country and free atmosphere…only ‘if’………..!!!!!

  5. btw didja wish you “Swadheentha diwas mubarak”:):)Indy day rocks, thought I hate the tricolur being hoisted by the crooks in the Vidhan Sabha and Parliament :))

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