You can’t direct the wind but you can adjust the sails…

Today is Teacher’s Day…and this reminds me all my childhood memories…right from kindergarden till date..:)

How strange it is..when we were kids we used to think our teachers in school are the real teachers always…but then our nursery begins at home…our Parents!!!

I am so proud of my Parents that they taught me the true values of life…and taught me how to differentiate between the real & materialistic world and related people with it.

Many times we learn from others and many times its others and/or our experience…so what I learnt is in every moment of life we learn from everyone…and everyone is a teacher in one or the other way..!!

When one teaches, two learn…

A surprise was waiting…this early morning…my mum told me about this tiny tott bird…which I knew is a new one to the world…as I have witnessed the mamma bird preparing the nest..which gave me the clue that soon they are going to lay eggs in that nest…and here …this baby bird…who learnt from her mamma..:) how to fly…she left her nest and got into the house …:) I tried to take it in my hand and gave drops of water…she flew and came by on to my shoulder …:)
A very right example I saw..through nature..:) !!!

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it

I respect and salute all the Parents..whether its ours- humans, animals or insects…everyone does there duty in the right way…thats why we do not see much differences in the behaviour :)…I mean the mammals too 😉 …lol

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!!

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. Posted by Picasa


8 thoughts on “You can’t direct the wind but you can adjust the sails…

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  2. Yep like I said in Puneet’s post, each and every encounter is a teacher…it may be ur parents, friends, blogmates, animals, birds…experiences…tears…happy times…moments…all of em r teachers in different forms…u urself is a teacher to u…learn from u…And thanks Dawn for teaching me SOOOO much…the lessons I learnt from ur posts r just priceless and simple words cant express it…THANK YOU n happy teachers’ day to all!Keshi.

  3. Oh! it was teachers’ day today in India. Wow! I am trying to remember what we used to do during this day in our school! Yes, we learn a lot from each and everybody. Even by watching someone sweeping a street corner – we can learn a lot about life (if we want to). So, happy teachers day to each and every thing.

  4. @rosa benito: Thnx for ur visit!!@keshi: dear..Happy Teachers Day to You too…as you have taught me as well a lot many things 🙂Thnx always!@kl: dear its so nice and soothing to see u on my blog back..:) thnx so much …Happy Teachers Day…& yes…you have to get back to the routine of the blog world..:) lot to read and hear from you 🙂good luck!@puneet: 🙂 frankly speaking…in Canada sep 5th is a holiday …but not for Teachers Day..:) its for Labor Day…& am so glad that since am in India..I remembered…or would have got disappointed …but hey…why think about which didnt happen :D… am glad that I made you glad with this post ..:)smilesssss!! & Happy Teachers Daycheers!

  5. When one teaches, two learn…Well said dawn..u teach me lots..From so far..without knowing each other..without knowing wt we are..great to know u..a belated teachers day..Cheers!!

  6. @vinu: I am so obliged ….& you always make me so special…infact I will say your post always convey the msg how caring you are about others…a good soul…be like that always!! 🙂Thnx so much…Happy Teachers Day…keep sharing so that I can learn from U:)@keshi:my dear..its all glad you saw him finally :D…I often play with him…it makes me happy haha 🙂cheers!

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