You can’t let one bad moment spoil a bunch of good ones…!

I always wonder about travelers…how would they feel about….after long travels….and exploring adventure trips how did they feel about coming back home!

…for me…when I was checking in my luggage…it was like…oh! Finally am gonna be at home!..but guys I would like to make a request….even if you get a free ride via Aeroflot…..just don’t accept it..>!!!! It’s the worst kind….of flight..service…and what not….gosh!!! I had to wait 8 hours at Moscow..:(
And believe me sitting at the airport… ( a sad place to be for so long ), I remembered what M K Gandhi had said once…“The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose”

But yes..after that 8 hours I took my flight to Toronto and that too a long 10 hours of journey …. the plane landed….at the Pearson Intl airport and guess what…things were all so fine…customs didn’t take time to clear… I got my luggage….and so off there…with my car 😀
I know how crazily I was driving on the road at 2 am 🙂

I remembered this one…“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back” and dear flick .. this is said by …Eugene O’Neill.

During this wait of 8 hours…..I made some friends … some seniors….One Sardar ji uncle who works for Glaxo in Mumbai and his wife….they were coming here since there daughter-in law is expecting…I felt so good for all of them….they have a good reason to join and celebrate…. and they did share there parathas with me… :)while I was waiting there. Friends…if you do travel..via Aeroflot then there is no guarantee that the connecting flight will be on time and when you wait there for long ….u better have something to eat….as there u have nothing much options and language prob is another pain .!!! I heard lot of Indians disappointed and commenting that..ones this country was so powerful and look what happened today!!!!

But those parathas and sweet roti…yummmies 😀 !!!!

“He who comes first, eats first “- said by Eike von Repkow , but there myself and that Sardar ji uncle we both said and agreed upon this 🙂 prayers for that family will be there always!!!!!!!!!

Sydney J. Harris said:
“Happiness is a direction, not a place”
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14 thoughts on “You can’t let one bad moment spoil a bunch of good ones…!

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  5. <>kaho kesey rasta bhool gaye…achey tou ho dilberjaan?<>ahhhhh! its soooooooooo good to have you back!:DP.S.about the quote thingy, yaara! dil pe nai leney ka! :p

  6. Thnx guys for a wonderful welcome and good faith 🙂Mirzaghalib: salute!!! yes sir..!! koi shaq nahi 😉flick: yaara…bahut hee rangeen nazm hai ye to :D….but dil pe hee to nahi liya…but just think about it…I remembered what you said ;)….cheers!!…I am moving so,….u can imagine…shd be bk in action…shortly adaab🙂

  7. Hiiiiiiiii DawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnWelcomeeeeeeeeeeeee back I’m so happy to see you backWowwwwwwwww<> had to wait 8 hours at Moscow..:( <> Oooh that’s so sad<> “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back” <>Hey cool one… <> ..via Aeroflot then there is no guarantee that the connecting flight will be on time and when you wait there for long ….u better have something to eat…. <>Aeroflot in bad books 😉Something to eat… thank u … I cant live without food 😉<> prayers for that family will be there always!!!!!!!!! <>Mine too… wishing them all the happinessSo back home… home is where heart is 😉Cheers

  8. @puneet: yes dear u said it right…home is where ur heart is 🙂 Thnx for such a warm welcome :)…will soon be back in action…bear with my delays 😉cheers!@saby: welcome to dawn’s blog! I dont know what to say about the toys…but I think…at least I will not grow up in this life hehe..dunno about the next I have not seen one & dont believe in one :)…but why deny the fact that we all have a kid within ourselves..lets accept it 🙂keep visiting..cheers!@manish: am trying to…not yet though 🙂cheers!

  9. Mah dearest dahlin Dawny swt hrt – WELCOME BACK TO BLOGHOME! I was sooooo happy to see ur fingerprints in mah bloggy tonite…it felt like Im home…ur coming back was home to me…Never flown Aeroflot but the Russians aint so keen abt keeping evryone…just glad u met some nice friends and arrived home safe 🙂I missed u tonzzz and boyyy am I not glad ur back…will be visiting u as usual from now on…bring back nature to mah life girl!Keshi.

  10. @keshi: oh boy!! look who has come…:D keshi my dear…am so glad and happy and excited to read all…seems like all the worry has just evaporated …:) I miss you a lot and the blogging…I hope things will be better after 12th..till then cheers!

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