The mind never fully accepts any convictions that it does not owe to its own efforts!!

Sourav Ganguly is back with a bang! Ousted from the Indian team due to bad form and under pressure to perform in the Duleep trophy for East Zone, Ganguly hit back with an entertaining 117 which included 18 boundaries and a six off just 143 balls. It was Indian captains toughest test and he passed with flying colours. Now Chappell has a big problem on his hands, should he take Ganguly after the first ODI if India lose or should he wait and watch.

“People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character” ~ Ralph W Emerson

I had just gone to one of this sites where people had created a website club as they hate Ganguly. I mean what is it …after all he is a human. We all have good and bad phases in profession..should we hate ourselves also when we are not doing so well?
I am glad to hear about Dada’s performance…this is a tribute for his success on my behalf 🙂 in this blog.

Three Cheers to the Bengal Tiger 😉 hip hip hurray!!! 🙂

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing”
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9 thoughts on “The mind never fully accepts any convictions that it does not owe to its own efforts!!

  1. hmmmm Dada doing great for my zone ! good newsHope he performs <>consistently for some time <> & improves his physical fitness to get back into the one day team!

  2. Hmmm Good news 🙂 Happy happy manish ji 😀The thing i’ve expereinced in my so called life is…People are too much success concious..they have no place for failures..which it self is a wrong is habbitual of making mistakes and errors are in his nature…tht doesnt means if he’s not doing well at a shuld degrade him…infact the humanity teaches us to encorage him ,for we knw he use to do good ,he has the potentials of doing good,and he will surely do good !

  3. Hey u seem to be a big fan of Saurav …I agree with you that he is also a human and will have his share of bad days…But now its just now bad days… its bad years…He is consistently not performing… just because some1 has good track record doesn’t give him the comfort to stay in the team for ever…I don’t expect him to hit centuries in every match but atleast put up a decent performance…That one off 100 is no big deal… I personally won’t want him to play in the upcoming Srilanka Tour…Be it test or One day… let the tiger sharpen his hunting skills… Cheers

  4. @bombayite: c’mon dont be so harsh on him :pbe good 😉cheers!@manish: good to hear that as I remember we started an argument on Dada itself and it ended up with Miss Mirza 😀cheers!@gumnaaaam: you said it all dear 😉keep rockin@puneet: I agree, but we keep forgetting that everyone is human and they have there ups and downs ..dont they? why we keep expectation levels for others…they are just like us! When we many times dont achieve what we want to then how can we keep looking for others weaknesses..still a question mark.keep smiling 😉cheers!

  5. always he has performed well when his position as a captain was an issue… He should try to be consistent in his performance…well thats good he played well in the last match which should have been a sigh of relief for his fans…

  6. Its good news indeed, but don’t you think alotta other new cricketing talent in India has been neglected coz cricketing superstars like Gangully won’t step back despite their performances beening terrible.Nonetheless, Im happy for the bloke. He has given us some of the greatest cricket memories.

  7. hey fiz ! us discussion ki yaad mat dilao grrrr us din samne hoti to ! Khair she became fastest climber in the WTA tennis circuit this year preety much in the same position where i predicted 🙂As for DADA I am happy that he is regaining his touch but as I have said that consistency & physical fitness should be the keyword for him if he wants to come back in the team. One century is not enough !

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