"The secret to humor is surprise."

It was end of the week…friday…:) and the feeling was exactly what everyone thinks on that day… “Thank God Its Friday” :D….most of my deadlines were working out as per my plan…and suddenly I get a call …asking what’s ur plan for the weekend? and I say…well you guys decide….:)…!

They told me to get out of work by 4…:D guess what…I was chatting with my boss till 4.45 pm about Monday’s plan of action…where am I gonna get at 4 hehehe…then they finally call me and say ..ok..get out by 5 but no later than that…& I assured them !!!

I got out of the office around 5.15 pm and then I drove down to my house…I got freshen up myself…and I hear the honking sound…I got into there car and didnt even ask …where they are heading..to ……….and I was all discussing about my work…and hectic week…and I see…Naz Cineman Theater…WOW…I said..movie??? I smiled as this was a total surprise to me….and I dont even know which movie…!!!

“Art must take reality by surprise.”

So I asked which movie guys….and they cooly said ‘Bluffmaster’ hahahaha gosh…I only had a plan to watch this movie…of Jr B and….didnt even know that it would be coming up such a beautiful surprise …:)
I was damn happy and got lost in the movie…and the songs…………:D

“Scratch an artist and you surprise a child”

Yes…my weekend was full of surprises….did you ever had something sweet surprise which really made you think…Is this for real????? 😀

“That I exist is a perpetual surprise which is life.”

4 thoughts on “"The secret to humor is surprise."

  1. oohooo I too saw BluffMasterI liked itgreat friends u have re…here all plans are made by me 😦mez waitng for some1 to give surprise…enjoyyyyyyyyyyCheers

  2. aww Dawn glad u had wonderful surprises in the weekend!I luvv giving surprises too..and getting too…I often surprise my mum with a boquet of beautiful flowers or chocs for no particluar reason 🙂Pu Bear here’s the surprise u been waiting for…u got e-kids with st000nie and me lol!Keshi.

  3. @puneet: wait..u will also hv such frnds…where u dont plan..but just be part of it 😉good luckcheers@keshi: I sometimes wonder..how can we be so same ??? han!?…my surprises r to such extent tht the next knock on the door n they say wht…u didnt even tell us u r coming :)…good to hear luv…huggs to u …be happy always n it follows u cheers@manish: it was fantabulous ;)..watch itcheers!

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