Many Happy Returns Of The Day Manish :)

This poetry is for you specially in Hindi 🙂
Hope you like it as much as I like it 🙂
With all my best wishes…enjoy reading…;)

“Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it”


14 thoughts on “Many Happy Returns Of The Day Manish :)

  1. @nagu: Thanks….dear!!!@puneet: Thanks for appreciating the poetry…:)@raj: aap aaye janab barson mein 🙂Thanks@gumnaaaam: oyeee to seekho hehehehe…I will translate you in english hindi ;)…later dearcheers@abdus samad: you said it buddy…I like his creation too 🙂am glad you did like something in my blog 😉cheers

  2. Thanx DON & all others who have wished me here.hmmmmm DON thx again for finding this poem for me, the mood expressed in the poem is so much like u <> to think positive & work hard & be an acheiver <>It’s always a pleasure to have frens like u….

  3. @keshi: Thanks luv…the poetry is an inspiring one..where it says even if u loose dont loose hope…try again and your hardwork will be resulting in success 🙂cheers@manish: I think my effort was worth :)…am happy to hear all those beautiful words 🙂dhanyawaad bahut chota hai aur ye kehakar hum chota nahi karenge aapko 🙂be cheerful and simple as u r 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Manish Sb. sorry I am late…what they say better late than never 😉Cake kahan hai bhai????Hariwanshrai Bachhan, what can be said about him…he have translated some of the rubayees of Omar Khayyam so beautifully.Nice one Dawn. 🙂

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