“Into each life some rain must fall.”

This long weekend was so rainy here that some people claimed storm is gonna come :)!!!

I was just out to get some clothes which was given for alteration…..and man…the way it rained heavy …I have never been in such rains…at least outside :)….!

“Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.”

I felt like enjoying the moment and so I just took off in my car all over the place where I could go and not forget the way to home 🙂

And during this rain I had the ghazals from movie Bazaar …playing …gosh!!! I was wondering how..beautiful and meaningful the ghazals are….!

I have a very fade memory when I saw this movie…I remember it had tragic end and hence when I got a 2nd chance…I saw it again…and I always felt if…if everything would have taken at the right time…the end would have been different…!!!!

Yes…it always the “Time”…!!!

“Lost time is never found again.”

And this time I had the opportunity to search thru my collections of CD’s and Bazaarcame in my hand.

It was an awesome union of rain, music & drive 🙂

“The three ingredients of a successful union between two . . . humor, commitment & undying love.” ~ Bill Cosby

I often thank those great people who gave us all these…as these are for a lifetime….people come and go…but there work …deed…talent keep on reminding us of them & their effort…!!!

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~ Winston Churchil


5 thoughts on ““Into each life some rain must fall.”

  1. its really great experience to drive on a rainy day and what more u want when could listen to ur fav.songs.i liked these lines very much people come come and go in the world but they are always remembered by their work —which is immortal—WELL SAIDcoming to BAZAAR movie there is a scene where Farooq sheikh pulls a rickshaw which was shot in front of my house in Hyderabad ,i was very young at that time so dont remember much but when i saw that movie last time i could see my house.it feels niceu have written a simple thing really well.

  2. koi puraanaa relic cassette Ghazlon ka, Mehdi Hassan ya Jagjit Singh ya Pankaj Udhaas(somehow for me Pankaj’s Rubaayi collection is the usually my choice for rain), koi bhi..Ek garam dhuaan-daar coffee..Open Window, My lazy chair, rain, the fresh smell of earth and me…

  3. Its raining here too 😦yes ppl come n go..but the work they have done remains..so give more and expect less…wonderfully stated Dawn!**We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we givethat is just an awesome quote, thank u!Keshi.

  4. @nagu: wow…your experience brought goosebumps :)…I can only imagine..how u might hv felt 🙂 & great of all is…that people who love art…has so much of similar thinking 🙂good to know you more dearthnx@puneet: I know puneet u had a bad experience last year abt rains..take cheers@kaunquest: wow..Pankaj reminds me of nikalo na benaqaab zamana kharaab hai :)….but yes…barish ke mausam mein chai ki pyaali…garam garam pakore aur…ek acchi see kitaab haath mein…kirkhee ke paas…jahan se bhini khusboo ho gili mitti ki… background mein ghazal ufff….kya jannat ho… kasam se woh pal 🙂am glad how similar we think when it rains 🙂good to know frm u…keep comingcheers@keshi: dear seemed like you screened some reality out of it…keep smiling alwayscheers

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