Don’t be afraid to be amazing….

Yesterday was a perfect day….a day which you would call it perfect just coz it went as per your thinking and/or planning…:)

I had a good start with meetings & since I had lots of meetings lined up I planned to work from home…:D….

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”

I get chance to talk to my net friends after a long time…and then I did get chance to listen to some music while I was working on some tasks…everything so cool….it went on as a plan…!!!

“It’s amazing what ordinary people can do if they set out without preconceived notions.”

I got a chance to read….lots of time to self…and yes If you take a look at my radio blog….I did change the list of songs too…:)

I feel content today…just coz the day went smooth with some work n fun…:D

An amazing day for me…..:)

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”


12 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid to be amazing….

  1. Yep you are right!.. there isn;t a day better than the day that works as per plan and we are very much content with the things that have happened. Also, if things happen more than we though on the days that we have planned.. then its a bonus.. 🙂

  2. yeah very true nothing gives to more happiness if everything goes by our plan.but its a pity it does not happen always but we still have to enjoy both aspects of life and keep working.Hope u have many many more such days cheers

  3. amazement is in the eye/heart of the beholder, I think .. what amazes one might not amaze the other !!kids are amazed when you jump into sight from behind the sofa ..I’m a Senior Graphic Designer 🙂

  4. You touched the perfection with out me.. and u are contented aswell…Aaawwwwwwww 😦 😀 😀 😀Okie now tht was a joke… 😛 Keep enjoyin with halki phulki masti and shararat 😉

  5. Happiness is state of mind.Amazement as Nabeel said is in the eye of beholder.But U need to be happy all the times not amazed.Most of the time I am happy for things going out as I planned or nothing going out as I planned.Fatal errors are part of life.

  6. @<>sujit<>: yes indeed dear..and I think you hv taken it in the right way as I am taking it ..:) Thnxcheers@<>nagu<>: Thnx so much dear …& I wish the same to u too :)..however when it doesnt happen that way…I wont say its pity but I will say its a challenge to make it…and that itself gives a different pleasure and satisfaction of at least taking an effort..rather than quitting from it 🙂cheers@<>nabeel<>: Yes…I dont disagree with your comment however, at the end..we are talking about amazement..:) its just like beauty of Smita Patil for me is sexy where as for you it might be Ash….but we are talkin abt the amazing thing that pleases us…and if we are individuals then it has to differ…:) as even twins they differ in so many aspects…even though they look alike :)…btw good to know ur Sr. Graphic Designer…and there must be so many things that you enjoy and at times it doesnt happen the way you want n sometimes it does…& I wish the best…to happen 🙂cheers@<>neetika<>: Thnx dear…n I wish the same to u too 🙂keep smilingcheers@<>fm<>: Thank U so much dear..and I wish the same to u too 😀cheers

  7. <>gumnaaaam<>: 😀 I liked ur joke…keep cheering..:)<>kumar chettan<>: for you I will say..:) I hv comments for nabeel :)…there are no fatal errors…we always have ways to make and hence it never turns out to be an error as I believe there are no bugs in life :D..cheers buddy<>puneet<>: Thanks for ur wishes..n I hope the same…!!!cheers!!!

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