“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

Okay guys, I have been tagged again…and this time its none other than my buddy bombayite 😀

“People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history”

The rule of thumb goes like this….Once you are tagged you MUST write a blog entry about your 10 weird things and/or habits. And….:D in the end you need to choose 6 people to be tagged…lol!

“Where’s your will to be weird?”

Ø I always try to get the window seat in bus, rickshaw, train, plane BUT not on Cycle :D…lol
Ø I have this habit of cleaning the place even though according to others its cleaned.
Ø I never give any money to beggars as I think by giving them I am making them one…hence I always share chocolates and few have them dislike me for that 😀
Ø I always express my joy whenever I am listening to Jagu and sometimes I don’t realize that another car passing by, people look at me and give me a smile or wave at me and rock like me 😉
Ø I mostly wear blue…even sometimes I think its too much of blue still I end up with one or the other shades of blue 😀
Ø I love to go to theaters to watch movie but am not a great fan of popcorn and carbonated drinks…a coffee would replace all 😀
Ø I have this weird habit of cleanliness and I try my best to keep everything clean even my email box and if I don’t I get restless…!
Ø I have this weird thing of speaking fast with and cut-short conversation assuming the other side would understand my quick code language…and I end up the whole recitation 😀
Ø I have this weird habit of saying ‘Thank U’ too many times…don’t know but it keeps going and people love that 😉
Ø Last but not least…my weirdness of responding promptly has made me very famous @ work, they say I don’t fear to talk to ppl…lol!!!

“Its not so much what you have to learn if you aceept weird theories, its what you have to unlearn”

Six people that I would tag are:

Manish, Gumnaaaam, MS, Nagu, Sujit, Keshi,

Other’s are welcome to join if they dont mind being weird 😉

“Serve the dinner backward, do anything – but for goodness sake do something weird”


12 thoughts on ““When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

  1. hahaha Dawn that was gooood!Ur a clean freak? goshh me too! I cant even sit still and watch TV if something ard me is not in it’s usual place..I know..it’s bad but I cant help it. hehehe…Im glad that ur one too lol!Giving money to beggars? well me neither…only if I really feel it’s a genuine beggar. Otherwise I give lots of material stuff so they have what they really need…like clothes, chocs, food and shoes etc.U like blue ha? I love blue too but I hardly have many clothes in shades of blue..I love turquoise blue the best…lol cute @speaking fastgoshh u tagged me? lol how can u tag someone like Keshi when everthing she ever does is weird? lollz u should tag Keshi for something like ‘what not weird abt ya’…haha…ok ok let me come back on this 🙂 Fun post!Keshi.

  2. Since the rules of this tag is that it must be a blog entry, it will take a couple of days…is that ok Dawn? 🙂 My next post ok…thanks!Keshi.

  3. BURP!!Am Back.U r not wired. I too dont give beggers any money. I bounce back on people who give beggers any money. Shades of Blue are my fav too. But too much blue brings blues. I go for cream and gray shades. 3 of my trousers fall in same sahde and I am going to buy one more like them. Thats wiered.I feel I have some power which allows me to see future in dreams. Wiered.Rest.

  4. Ha ha…funny to read about your weird acts 😉 hmmm… well dekhiye Coffee @ movie too…lolz U really are a Coffee-Crazy girl am sure.About the fav color, Blue is my fav too 🙂Yeah I’ll take this up some time in the near future for sure.Catch up dear, with this very fast-friend of mine! 😉Cheers!!MS

  5. I dont think you are really weird..!! some of the things i too do..!! But, some nice qualities which are weird to others..!! :).. have a great week the end!!

  6. <>The most weird thing abt me is that I don’t take tags..:)!<> The only time i partly took it by incorporating some facts abt me in my quiz.Anyway thanks for keeping me in the list

  7. I CAN BET MY ARSE TAT NOONE CAN BE AS WIERD AS I AM!You dont give money to beggers sheesh i too shoo em off!Damn @cleanliness!!! How can u! Someone should be credited for some dirtiness too

  8. <>keshi<>: Thank U so much dear for participating and sharing some of personal things….I always find for virtual friendship its like the blind people who touch each other and understand the expressions …since they cant see them…same here we too 😀cheers dear always<>kumar chetan<>: when two weird says that they are not…its says all about them haha…great to hear urs too 😀cheers<>ms<>: hehe …good to see ur also a weird if you like all that I do 😉thnx to let us know 😀cheers<>kl<>: Dear…when its twice u can understand the intensity of it …lol…am sure your too enjoying the weather out there…cheers<>sujit<>: Thanks that you don’t think they are weird…as people have given me all kinds of names hehe…wow now I can say…but Sujit says :D…cheers dear<>manish<>: ur most welcome.Cheers<>wanderer<>: Gosh! Don’t tell me…as I always give examples of dogs..even they love cleanliness…and how come we humans don’t..:Dcheers and thnx for coming by…do come again!<>mirzaghalib<>: ufffff don’t remind me of that…I think its listed in my sweet memories that’s it…probably I forgot the taste also about Tim Horton’s …sob sob cheers

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