“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

“Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.” ~ John F Kennedy
As an HR person (once upon a time), I did participated in negotiations and I was always at the management side but always came out as a winner.Many said its my people’s skill …what so ever it is but I can say that a lot of brushing did take place while I was negotiating while hiring or firing…!
“Influence may be the highest level of human skills”
This time being a Consultant in project management, it was negotiation between me and the company…! Yes, the company wanted to give me an offer, however as you know we didnegotiated! One thing I thank for my previous HR role and my Masters degree which always helped me to negotiate also I can say…the game Cricket 😉 ! Yes guys, I had done some homework before attending this HR guy and hence the first googly was that I made him misunderstand me and so I was successful.

“Negotiating in the classic diplomatic sense assumes parties more anxious to agree than to disagree”

He thought I am looking more for $$$ and hence he offered me a handsome amount with benefit package, however position wise he played a little game 😉
But now for me it wasnt the money ..:D its the position and that too my hard work and years of experience that make me qualify for that senior level position…I did mention about my interest…but I was thrown to my manager to discuss.

“Grant graciously what you cannot refuse safely and conciliate those you cannot conquer”

My manager, didnt had any logical reason to give and all she said is there are people in her team who have been sitting in one position for past 5 years…lol!Gosh! this made me determined about my decision and I called HR and said if you give me that senior level then am fine to accept the offer or else……am happy even today 🙂
I guess that ultimatum did work for me…or should I believe in what I got from the fortune cookie…
“Your determination will bring much more success to you” 😀

I feel good to see that now I am a good negotiator for myself too 😉

“the winner ain’t the one with the fastest car its the one who refuses to lose” ~ Dale Earnhardt


16 thoughts on ““Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

  1. congrats for achieving your outcome in negotiations. Only experience could teach you the lessons in negotiation. Books are good but tactics need to be applied. Well done!!

  2. Would you come to Paris and negotiate with the Gucci salesroom vendor…he refuses to give me some reduction on a t-shirt ? wow..that’s wonderful. I am totally for ‘negotiation’ though i am bad at it. People should sit and talk and negotiate…if at all we do, we won’t have wars …inlcuding the kashmir or middle east.

  3. Great points…it’s always to have them suggest your ideas are their’s and to begin where there’s agreement…you certainly have a great feel here…congratulations…I profess no real practical experience in this great art…

  4. Good negotiation skills require brains and experience. I think u have got it by nature Dawny..ur a smart girl and Im so happy for ya…HUGGGGGGZ!Keshi.

  5. I believe in order to survive in the corporate world today..u need grt networking and negotiation skills…if u have one ur half there!

  6. Hey congrats!!yes uv earned a fortune cookie;-)And i agree the corporate world has become like a roadside market…u need to bargain really hard to buy anything at all!

  7. <>neers<>: Yes as a HR had to fire some people as voluntary retirement scheme 😉Thanks for reciprocating…pls come againCheers<>masd<>: Thanks dear…true what one gains through self experience :D…you said it true! Cheers<>prash<>: Wow…I consider that as an honor for that kind of invitation 😉 Thanks dear…but one thing is whether it’s a sales person or any negotiator he/she has to believe in what he/she is trying to negotiate for :D…but the last one what you said is a punch line…wish all the problems were solved by negotiations n talks 😀Good thoughts indeedCheers<>kuan gung<>: Thanks for appreciating them dearCheers<>starry nights<>: Thanks for liking it but I think in the beginning we all feel so…but sometimes situations bring the gem out of ourselves 😀Am sure same will happen for you too ..Cheers<>keshi<>: Thanks dear hugggggggz Cheers darling<>ekta<>: You are a HR person so who else knows it better 😀Cheers<>kumar chetan<>: Good for you dear..Cheers<>anand<>: Thanks dear…indeed this is the first time which was for myself n not for the company sake 😀Cheers<>scribblez to wakeup<>: Thanks dear…keep praying for friends Cheers<>shama<>: I guess we all do at one or the other place…bargaining for some top or skirt….;) its just situations at different place n time :D…Cheers babe<>sophie<>: Hey that was a cool comment dear :D…Thanks a tonCheers<>sujit<>: Very true..in this case I had given hope and same was at the management side…they thought I may not accept it…Manager was desperate as the HR guy gave the news to her only after 5 😉Thanks for the boost dearcheers

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