Why love if losing hurts so much? We love to know that we are not alone.

Now a days weather is so unpredictable that…by the time its noon you don’t feel like getting out on a weekend….and last night I had gone to the video store hoping I will get the movie ‘Fanaa’ but unfortunately it was taken away…and I was searching what to see …and with all my search I took this movie which I think last week I had ignored 😀

“The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about”

Anyway, it has always happened with me…initially I ignore and then my mind says no ..I should try :D…so I did!
This movie ‘Umar’ (Age), the name and the star cast attracted me…!

Age does not protect you from love, but love to some extent protects you from age.

This movie when I started watching, I think its another story where today’s kids don’t care for there old aged parents..and the difference was that this was shoot in UK. So one can see how people don’t even come to see there parents in the old age home and how Asians they do make use of there parents by bringing them to a different country and make them there housekeepers or baby sitters …it is sad and I often used to go to Old age homes in Canada just to make them feel that some one is there to care and even they are loved.

“The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is life’s tragedy.”

The same thing I found in this but with a twist where you get to solve a murder mystery but the theme is of support, love and trust.
But it was like a cherry on the cake when I heard my fav. Jagjit Singh singing this ghazal ….guys I just cant wait to install everything in the radio blog today…but hey it will be there one day 😉
Please listen to the ghazal word to word…for those who don’t understand the meaning – the summary is…how parents run after fulfilling the dreams …of there kids and later when they think they can enjoy by then age has brought all the restrictions. In fact those people who have a family they don’t know the value of it …the situation is such that even though family is there still they feel they are orphans even with the family…I think that’s a big curse to human being.

“Treat others as you want them to treat you because what goes around comes around”
If you have nothing to do then do watch this movie…and yes its not related to any region country or culture its for All…whether you are Americans, British Chinese Indians Iranians or …so on…if you are human do watch and it teaches a good lesson to all.

Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.


Hindi Song Title: Khumari Chadh Ke Utar GayiHindi Movie/Album Name: UMAR Singer(s): JAGJIT SINGH Listen This Song on Gayaki
Hindi Lyrics: Shaily Shailender

(khumari chadh ke utar gayi
zindagi yun hi gujar gayi) – 2
kabhi sote sote kabhi jaagte
khwaabon ke pichhe yu hi bhaagte
apni toh saari umar gayi – 2
khumari chadh ke utar gayi
zindagi yun hi gujar gayi

(rangeen bahaaron ki khwaahish rahi
haath magar kutch aaya nahi) – 2
kehne ko apne the saathi kai
saath kisine nibhaya nahi – 2
koi bhi hamsafar nahi
kho gayi har dagar kahi
kabhi sote sote kabhi jaagte
khwaabon ke pichhe yu hi bhaagte
apni toh saari umar gayi – 2
khumari chadh ke utar gayi
zindagi yun hi gujar gayi

(logon ko aksar dekha hai
ghar ke liye rote hue) – 2
ham toh magar beghar hi rahe
gharwalon ke hote hue – 2
aaya apna nazar nahi – 2
apni jahaa tak nazar gayi
kabhi sote sote kabhi jaagte
khwaabon ke pichhe yu hi bhaagte
apni toh saari umar gayi – 2
khumari chadh ke utar gayi
zindagi yun hi gujar gayi

(pehle toh ham sun lete the
shor mein bhi shehnaaiya) – 2
ab toh hamko lagti hai
bheed mein bhi tanhaaiya
jeene ki hasrat kidhar gayi – 2
dil ki kali bikhar gayi
kabhi sote sote kabhi jaagte
khwaabon ke pichhe yu hi bhaagte
apni toh saari umar gayi – 2
khumari chadh ke utar gayi
zindagi yun hi gujar gayi


23 thoughts on “Why love if losing hurts so much? We love to know that we are not alone.

  1. Lovely post and I have not seen the movie. Saw Fanna and thought it was really good, a bit long but was fine. Its really sad about the old people nowdays. But it is difficult also for two working people to look after their parents. Especially in foreign countries where getting help is very expensive or limited I dont know what a person can do.It seems awful to have to send your parents to a nursing home or a retirement home but I think it is better than being locked up in the house alone when the kids go to work. Atleast in a retirement home there are other people to talk to and events to attend and lots of entertainment. At the same time the children should not forget that their parents are there and weekly visits would help. I really dont know the answers what one should do. I just hope when I am old my children wont leave me alone.Children should remember that they also will grow old one day.

  2. **So one can see how people don’t even come to see there parents in the old age home and how Asians they do make use of there parents by bringing them to a different country and make them there housekeepers or baby sitters …ITS VERY SAD! I see that happening in some of my own cousins’ households. It’s pathetic. Parents bring us up well so that soem day we can look after ourselves w.o. bothering them in their old-age. We have no right to make em our house-keepers and baby-sitters. I despise such ppl!Keshi.

  3. /Age does not protect you from love, but love to some extent protects you from age./I like this quote. I think people shud be treated better at any age. Just becoz they are old, it doesn’t mean they have to do all household chores. No way. Atleast we shud respect what they have done for us and make them happy.

  4. hii dawn..independence par yad karne ke liye bahut shukriya!aur tumhe bhi badhai..aur han negligence of parents from their own children is v sad…and as always quotes are so wonderful..

  5. Well, It seems that nobody is a right authority to talk about LOVE and all the things that are inseperably attached to it and you would have people(practical/impractical/emotional/emotinally strong) giving out their opinions on the most talked about human behaviour..love , that is!I dont care if the world agrees on that but Somewhere deep down every single sensible human being very well knows that losing of all kinds hurts and can even break the hell out of you and so is with love but at the same time you can not stop love from happening to you….It just strikes you and often leaves you clueless as to what it holds ahead because you get overpowered by its blessings and dont care much about its curses…and thats why all the impractical poetry/movies/songs/books/stories find overwhelming fondness in every human being’ heart who loves or is being loved!Theory apart, Love Finds Its Way(practically)!-Blesse us all be

  6. Never heard this movie name. It seems to have captured a reality. Have seen other movies capturing this aspect of older citizens being weaned and used and made to feel pathetic. Going to their sons or daughters place and baby sitting is very common. I wont say it is absolutely rong unless they are forced to do tht as they have no other choice. I am saying this as in India we have so many grandparents who look after their grandchildren as they love to do that and they dont mind either and there is no force. It will be different when they go to another country as they dont have the circle of friends or the other social activities and they are more or less prisoned. I hope that no one forced their parents to do such things out of their free will. It is monstrous to do such a thing.

  7. Great post. I haven’t seen the movie, but sounds very realistic (I might as well grab it to watch). You mentioned about senior homes in Canada. I used to volunteer in one and it was so great to see them get happy whenever I interacted with them. Sometimes their children came to visit them for a few hours (maybe once a week). I don’t necessarily agree with the idea of senior homes however I do feel that if they are treated like nothing at homes, its better that kids put them in senior homes so that at least they will have company with others. But if the parents have family back home and they want to go back, then the children should send them back home.It’s really sad to see children nowadays treating parents as babysitters for their own children. My parents hope that one day we will take care of them just how they took care of us. I know I will because someday I will have kids of my own.All this talk is reminding me of the movie “baghban”. Kids should always remember that what we are doing today, will happen to us tomorrow. Parents are next to God, we must respect them…always.-Shama

  8. What goes around comes around. Most kids who treat their parently badly or don’t call up their parents are kids who have seen their parents ignoring or argueing with their grandparents !!

  9. So true!So many cases have been shown on TV where the old parents have been left and even haressed by their kids and left to fend for themselves at such an ols age!Such kids should be ashamed of themselves!

  10. Hmmm have heard this ghazal in promos on TV but still to see the movie. I also saw two movies during holidays at home. Both Neeraj Vohra’s creation. While Golmaal was wonderful time pass , Phir Herapheri has nothing new to offer.

  11. <>unaiza nasim<>: To me it seemed first ;)…as I can see ur comments here dear 😀good to see u though..cheers<>neihal<>: Yes dear his voice has something which just spreads some kind of electric vibration in my heart n mind….I have added more songs on my radio blog ..hope u enjoy them… Thanks for liking the postCheers<>starry nights<>: I appreciate your thoughts and the value you put in ur kids…I guess its we who should spread the message across the kids…and am sure you are a gr8 mom to ur kids 😀 Thanks for sharing ur thoughts here.Cheers dear<>i love munich<>: Yes dear even that’s a simple way to understand and work on it, not necessary to do with our own parents but with every human …a wider approach 😀Cheers dear<>keshi<>: Yes my dear…we all see these around us and we are not able to do anything…I mean we can help those seniors but we cant teach there kids as what they are doing …but its more sad when u see that people know wht should be done and what shouldn’t be…and still!I really appreciate your thought…:DCheers sis<>gaurav jain<>: Thank you so much and am sure it goes out same to you too 😀Cheers<>priya<>: Thanks dear…it’s the love and respect that they give us and teach us about and we forget to return those to them…how sad it can be :$ Thanks for ur thoughts it gives me more hope there are people still exist who believes in the human cultureCheers<>rachana<>: Mujhe behad khushi hui ke aap yahan aayeein aur mere iss post ko parha aur itna saraha bhi :D…badhai ka bahut shukriya…tashreef laate rahiyegaadaab 😀<>pavan<>: WOW…amazing thoughts! I guess its there everywhere but how many of them practice is the point. Thanks buddyCheers<>scribblez to wakeup<>: I liked the way you have put it across ur thoughts dear! Parents going to different country and then doing things by there own will to keep themselves busy is one thing…but when kids start pushing there own parents specially when they are not so good doing with there health…I think that’s a bit too much! Rightly said by you monstrous thing to do!Cheers dear<>kuan gung<>: Great to see u here dear…come againCheers<>shama & diya<>: am glad to hear the volunteer work u did at senior’s home 😀 Yes, baghban is a story where the kids treat there parents badly in there own country…at least parents can rely on neighbors and friends but think of abroad where parents have no way to go and no one to talk either….I think that’s worse than a prisoner…!I really appreciate your thoughts Shama dear…keep them always high likewise!Cheers babe<>kumar chetan<>: You said it right dear…but its sad as when I think of my parents who gave me everything even if they didn’t have any for themselves…how can we even do something like this specially when they are old and are looking for some moral support…makes me miserable!Thanks for coming…its always good to see uCheers<>shruti<>: Welcome buddy and am glad you liked the song :D…do come againCheers<>cyberkitty<>: First of all welcome to my blog dear..and yes you said it true! But I think as kids grow they learn more things than what there parents learnt in there era…so even if parents ignored for some reason if the kids give them the same back, then there is no difference between them n there parents…so I always felt that one should leave some foot prints where on can follow the right path.Good to hear you and please do come againCheers<>anand<>: Absolutely right and I support you! I feel good when I see guys think this way as that gives a hope 😀Cheers dear<>~*~*untamed desires*~*~<>: Welcome to my blog dear and thank you for your nice comment. Please do come again! I did watch fanaa and kind of felt old story in a new plot :D…though I know Aamir well so usually I don’t comment 😉Cheers<>manish<>: Look whos here :D…good to see u…yes PSHP is not like what HP but part 2 is always like that :D….am glad u liked Golmaal :D…hope u liked the ghazal Cheers<>manish<>: Welcome to my blog dear. Thanks for appreciating the post and yes please do come again 😀Cheers<>vibhor<>: WOW another jagu fan…good to hear that…do listen to my radio blog…you will enjoy then :D…do come againCheers<>pavan<>: 😀 your comment made me to write the next post :D…thanks for waitingCheers dear

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