“Force and mind are opposites; morality ends where a gun begins.”

Thursday was a very normal day. There wasn’t much work on the project and we had a team event planned in the afternoon – Paintball Game 😀

I didn’t bring the proper clothing for this game and hence was in two minds whether to join the crowd or not…but by the time it was 1:00 p.m. everyone started pushing me to go home and change as we have play against Development team 😉 and guess what I took off for home and got changed and reached the venue of the game.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” ~ Albert Einstein

This game I have never played before but I have seen on TV which I could only figure-out when I was in the game! In Canada, at least in Toronto I have never heard of such a game and neither there have they allowed anything that has to do with a toy-gun!

“A Canadian is sort of like an American, but without the gun”

You have to wear multiple layers of clothing and you get the vests and masks and gun with the paint balls. These balls are hard coated from outside and inside you will see the liquid paint which when you get hit by the ball breaks and the paint splashes all over you. By the way did I tell you this paint is not washable: D! There are big bunkers created in different shapes where you have to hide yourself and tactically hit the opponent.

“The way a man plays a game shows some of his character. The way he loses shows all of it.”

Our first game was against Developers and believe me, no one was an expert and more over our team was a small one with only few members as compared to the development and guess what 😀 we won …we shot them all and conquered there space!

The rule of the game is if you get hit by the ball you must voluntarily come out of it, and the thing is you cant lie as the paint is splashed all over you and so you have no escape ..;)

“Life, like all other games, becomes fun when one realizes that it’s just a game” ~ Nerijus Stasiulis

Any way, I must say I enjoyed the game as many people left and still we were some crazy people out there who were still playing and over all we played more than 5 games.
I got hit on my right wrist – which I could only realize when I reached home. The second on the shoulder and the third on the back….boy, I never thought any one would shoot be from behind …well it’s a good fast paced and strategy planned game but somehow it left me with the thought that…the motive is to shoot the opponent and in US everywhere I hear about gun show, shooting games and all these makes me remember the incident which took place in Texas school where one kid brought a gun in the school and shot couple of his classmates.

“Life is the only game in which the object of the game is to learn the rules” ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

I remember these things were banned in Toronto schools as such things give ideas to small kids and hence the results that we used to hear in US schools.
Anyway, I was damn tired of this game and hence came home, had a shower and got down to watch a movie ‘Inside Man’ to my amazing when the star casts are shown the music in the background was ‘Chal chaiya chaiya ‘from Indian movie “Dil Se” haha boy I totally got zapped and started wondering if I picked up the wrong video but to my surprise in this movie where ever they needed a background music this song was played…:D! Good for AR Rehman!
Movie is awesome; if you get a chance and haven’t seen, please do so! A lot credit goes to the script writer I would say – of course Denzel Washington adds his glory along with Clive Owen and the rest.
I have some bruises but I was happy to be in the team event 😉 we were the winner 😀

“Individuals play the game, but teams win championships.”


12 thoughts on ““Force and mind are opposites; morality ends where a gun begins.”

  1. Hahaha… thats quite surprising. Shud catch up the Denzel flick soon!! 🙂The Radio on the side bar, is awesome, Dawn!! And I love the selection of ur songs!! Was listening to Hothon Se Choolo Tum… Thx a bunch!! 🙂

  2. Paintball game, awesome, now thats my kind of sport, I guess you must have enjoyed. Have you played Lazer tag, thats is as fun as Paintball minus the sting of ball hitting you through the layer of protection. 🙂

  3. <>direkishore<>: Yes indeed…do try!Thanks!<>velu nair<>: Thanks Velu for letting me know your taste in music :D…am a die-hard fan of Jagu and through some common friends even Jagjit Singh knows about this :D…keep coming I will proud when someone loves Jagu’s ghazals :D…and yes Denzel is too good 😉try it outCheers<>kuan gung<>: Yes dear totally agree 😀thanks<>done<>: lazer tag I heard about it but now I think I should play that one too as it doesn’t hurt :D…thanks for the info..will try soon!Thanks<>shana & diya<>: yes dear the paint will be white on ur clothes so even if you wash you will have those memories ;)! Its fun as once you start playing you get into it…that’s what happened with me…though next day there were muscles aches but that’s ok 😉 when you think of the fun 😀Cheers<>keshi<>: Its fun as we all friends and colleagues were playing and its fun to discuss that I shot you etc…since we know its not real its fun 😀 coz you don’t shoot at people…but the thought to hit them and make the paint splash …its like playing holi (festival of colors in India) 😉cheers dear<>starry nights<>: Its actually fun dear…though the set up is real commando type but when you hold the gun think of Holi time during March in India :D…you are trying to splash color on ur friends so its fun but the chances are if its gets into you then probably you will think of worse things too !Cheers<>manish<>: Thank U dear….:D and same to you too 😉Cheers<>gaurav jain<>: Yes it was indeed fun…well bruises reminds me of the fun :D…so its not much pain that time 😀thanks dearCheers

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