“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

As usual…since I heard of James Bond’s movie and the related controversies for the new Blonde Bond..:) the tinch of anxiousness grew to watch this movie 😀
So far…I have always seen Bond’s movie on the day its released ….this time there were other things that kept me engaged but hey…its not too late…:D….Today I had a chance to watchi Bond …that too the Blonde Bond :D!
I had seen Daniel Craig’s (Blonde Bond) interview on NBC, and I kind a liked him but I was more curious to see him in and as James Bond :D…and friends…let me tell you – He is HOT 😉

There are many new things about this Bond and good things ! He is like a sprinster and yes he is very active, robust and fast!

But one thing in the beginning of this movie there is a terrific chase of a Uganda guy (I found him super hero 😉 and yes that’s how the Blonde Bond gets the intro..)
This makes me believe there will be one day when the Bond will be someone from South Africa too…boy they have the terrific nack of it 😉

If you love action movies …you must see this movie its not bad…but yes I missed Q as he used to be one of the most integral and important part in James Bond movies

“Aspire rather to be a hero than merely appear one.”

I like the Blonde Bond – James Bond ~ shaken but not stirred 😉


9 thoughts on ““A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

  1. <>priya<>: Hey Priya…it all depends as how u like it…let me know 😉Cheers<>sujit<>: Yes…let me know how u find it Cheers<>keshi<>: Well dear…that way mine is Shawn Connery, but you know this one is not bad try out and am sure you will not find him so bad as they all were predicting 😉But I missed the actual Bond music in this one…there wasn’t much of it 😀Let me know once you watch thisCheers sis<>sanjay jha<>: Salam Namaste :D…swagat hai aapkaI am glad someone agrees with me 😉Good to see u here do come againCheers<>jagx<>: Welcome dear – Well, I think we all get used to something and a new change is always with a pain…when I see the new Bond in action, I kind a liked him…and Pierce Brosnan…don’t u think he’s old?Check it out for yourself and let me know 😀Cheers dear and do come again<>manish<>: 😀 well I thought so…but I always loved and so far seen it all 😉Cheers dear

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