Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little

The other day I sent some ‘Thank You’ cards to few people, where I was impressed with there services. Though we all know that if you pay you get good service or you are supposedly to get a good service. However, now a days thing are so rare and uncertain that when people do show some justice and truthfulness towards there duties I feel like recognizing them and bringing it to there attention that they are doing a great job!

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.” ~William Shakespeare

I had posted the cards and all of them were within California. The card’s address was as usual place where we write however the sent address I wrote at the bottom of the card on the right hand side, instead of left hand side top side of the card. Guess what, the card that I sent to someone else came back to me … lol!

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value”~ Albert Einstein

I was so zapped at this that are people so illiterate?, that they can’t even read properly as I had clearly written my address as ‘From’! I think anyone can or should make out that…and when I discussed this with some friends they said – oh, that’s coz you didn’t write the from address on the left side top of the card !!!!! Gosh! Now don’t tell me that’s the reason!!??!!

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve” ~ Albert Schweitzer

It reminded me another incident which took place in India …not that am comparing but its very obvious when I say about the postal services of two country where expectation from US side is more :D! I had sent a letter within the city and I was not sure of the zip code/pin code and guess what instead of the letter coming back it was posted to the right address with a corrected zip code/pin code! This I came to know when I personally met that friend of mine!!!

“One act of beneficence, one act of real usefulness, is worth all the abstract sentiment in the world” ~ Ann Radcliffe

So its nothing to do with countries but people! A clear ignorance is the result what happened to the card that I sent to someone, got delivered to myself!

I always feel, if you are not happy with your job …go change it! Instead of causing problems to others and giving a bad image to the entire organization!

“The first duty of a human being is to assume the right functional relationship to society — more briefly, to find your real job, and do it” ~ Charlotte Perkins Gilman

If you have taken an oath as an employee of any organization, one should not let impact the service that they are providing to so many people in the country.

This time I had to send this card again with all the changes that US post officials are used to, about the address 😀

A unique experience which if I share with my Indian friends they will say – “what? Its US how come such things happen there…:D and we look so stupid even to give any reasons to them 😀

“How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a weary world.”
~William Shakespeare

But anyway I have a reason to celebrate as a new born baby completes his 28th day 😉 today!

“Think of the magic of that foot, comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rests. It’s a miracle, and the dance…is a celebration of that miracle.” ~ Martha Washington


21 thoughts on “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little

  1. the best at the last..:Da 28 day old baby!!! what can be sweeter? things will change and they will stillbe sweet in a different way..hmm..yeah..the US post office is pretty rigid..cuts down on thinking time..the address center, bottom is where it goes..:)

  2. Thaz so sweet and a 28 day old baby:)) You are right dawn. People can look or be different, but they do their job pretty well and most of them know each other and taz wat makes a people person in any job.Here its more of monotonous and whoc ares to check it huh.You shud ahve given a title USPS and it wud have got more attention with little peeks form dept’ who knows!!!

  3. Thank you.thaat heading dascribes Indian ministers & politicians.if you are not happy with your job …go change it! Instead of causing problems to others and giving a bad image to the entire organization!-I totally agree with youHappy easter

  4. hey,sooo sweet… 28 days old baby…:):) so arrange a chuck-e-cheese party :):)you are absolutely right abt US.. everything is so much automized that ppl also become behaving like that.. like machine… cant think much :):)have a wonderful weekend take care

  5. Hi Dawn!I agree with above commentators and your words. Great post! You put wonderful photo.Baby is soo beautiful and unconventional! I love it.Peace to you!

  6. People in US are so used to convention and processes that if not in place even the smallest thing is missed. personal intervention into correcting mistakes is less probability as compared to india

  7. Hii :)!Thank you for visiting my blog :D!when i read that letter came back to you, i did laugh out loud :D, but then you are abs rite when you said “if you are not happy… entire organization!”28days old baby would be so sweeeet and cudddlyyyy :)!Takecare!

  8. <>mystic rose<>: You said it dear and its so true!Thanks!Cheers<>priya<>: May be I should have ;)…well I sent it again but this time I didn’t write the from address … lolCheers<>neihal<>: oh dear! Spread the message 😀Thanks and cheers to u<>deepak gopi<>: Thanks dear and I hope u had a good one too!Cheers<>ajnabi<>: I couldn’t arrange a party since the 28 yrs old cant play 😀Well thanks buddy for adding ur points, isn’t it true :D! Thanks and you have a good week tooCheers<>krystyna<>: Thanks so much dear…! Peace to you tooCheers<>marthyan<>: Yes you are right! Too mechanical!Thanks n Cheers<>david santos<>: Thanks David and you have a great week tooCheers<>shammu<>: Yes, it is funny 😀 thanks and do come againCheers<>manish<>: this is not called rules, as To, address was at the correct location so should have delivered with there reading knowledge …! This is similar to my Canada incident where no one comes to help (the fight scene) 😉Cheers<>cyberkitty<>: yes dear its him 😉Cheers<>standbymind<>: Welcome to my blog dear…yup u ought to be proud man , thanksDo come againCheers<>rachana<>: hehe yes wade wade sheharon mein aisee choti choti baatein hoti rehatin hein 😉Cheers dear!<>masd<>: Thanks dear!Cheers<>di0<>: Thanks dearCheers<>michelle<>: Thanks dear n cheers<>kumar chettan<>: hehe that was a good one lol! Good to see u hereCheers<>keshi<>: Thanks dear….Hugggggz n cheers<>pratish menon<>: Hia, Good to see u…its been long time. Hope all is fineCheers

  9. Dawn, the baby must be real cute:)People are so used to the routine that they fail to notice any change around them. That too, being in the postal department, they are prone to such inhibitions as there is no room for being creative. May be they should change.

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