“Whatever limits us, we call Fate”

It was all so good that how time flew no one realized. It was time for Seema to deliver and she had gone home to deliver, but Seema kept on thinking about Anant. Anant used to be in touch with Seema however, one day he called and told her to be good with her hubby. He is been forced to marry as per his parents. These words made Seema shocked and she was very unhappy.

“Laughter is the shock absorber that eases the blows of life”

Seema delivered a baby boy and was happy to be with the kid and forget all that she had been thinking of having a good peaceful life with Anant.

Mean while, Anant got married and he brought his wife Rekha (meaning a line in Hindi) to Seema’s house. Seema was not able to take this however she managed being a good host along with her hubby Samir (meaning wind in Hindi).

“Birth and death are not two different states, but they are different aspects of the same state. There is as little reason to deplore the one as there is to be pleased over the other.” ~ M.K. Gandhi

Life was very miserable for Seema and Anant however Rekha and Samir had no idea as what was happening…though they do felt that there partners are not near them if not far!

In all these frustrations Anant still wanted to keep a relationship with Seema which she was not ready specially when she saw there is another girl just like herself. Seema couldn’t think of ruining another life and hence she accepted the truth that she is married to Samir and that is where she has to live.

“Truth makes many appeals, not the least of which is its power to shock.” ~ Jules Renard

But was this fair for Anant? Was he able to live that kind of life that was again forced upon him?

The answer was NO. Anant’s wife Rekha couldn’t take it and she left him and Anant still waiting for Seema to come back. Seema remained in her seema (boundary).

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”~ Albert Einstein

Now as a reader, what you think…was Seema right? Where she accepted the truth and the facts of life and so moved on with life! Anant still hoping and convincing Seema to leave everything and be with him. Which is correct? Do write your thoughts on Seema and Anant, as I conclude this story here…

“People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

However, I feel Seema sacrificed for good yet she remained the vamp as if she is selfish …probably this question will keep on lingering in everyone’s mind!!

“Every act of will is an act of self-limitation. To desire action is to desire limitation. In that sense, every act is an act of self-sacrifice. When you choose anything, you reject everything else.”~ G.K.Chesterton


20 thoughts on ““Whatever limits us, we call Fate”

  1. The best is either seema or anant should to different place and then time heals everything..Seema will be busy with his son and Anant will soon forget her…

  2. Hi Dawn!I think similar as Shruti. Time is the best healer.Beautiful photos!Love your quotes! You connect them perfectly.Have a peaceful and happy weekend!

  3. I liked the first quote…I think Seema was absolutely right even if she was a bit selfish…one more thing i would like to add—as i started reading, i was thinking that if the couple had children( one is already there!!) thier names can be “Golu”(boy)and “Bindu” (girl)!!

  4. Can you imagine I am visiting your blog :-O :-O? At least I can’t :-). Next I am going to visit Manish’s blog lol…lol…but I am amazed…you are getting time right now to write blogs? I thought you would be too tired and busy. Man, you are putting me to shame – I start working on my blog soon. Well, you inspire me 😀 😛

  5. All I can say is ‘love is blind’, but do you want it that way. Yes the question lingers, but for me the question is about Samir, who believed in Seema.

  6. Nice story ! They should stay apart and not work in the same office. Proximity leads to lots of relationships that are very unsuitable. (I know this for sure) btw. why was samir not dropping his pregnant wife to office ? How could he allow her to go with another man ??

  7. <> Thank You All for all your comments and encouragements. Due to lack of time, I am responding to all through this one note…hope you all dont mind ..For those who are wondering about Samir…I think he was not playing his role or else why would Seema loose her path???….Thanks again for your views dears 🙂Cheers<>

  8. To add more, there is no morality in life. It is relative to an individual. Repression on Seema’s part is not sacrifice though. They still can be in love, without wanting to get married or without encroaching each others life.

  9. Beautiful weaving…perhaps, severing all ties with each other as they got married should have worked…its the painful alternative & yet its the only one that can bear a result(if at all!)…great structure!

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