“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”

I had a chance to watch this movie…but believe me I didn’t see this movie for Sharukh, but for my old times sake ~ Field Hockey!!!!
As I was watching through…each episode of hockey, field practice, our Coach ~ Kariappa, my sports teacher ~ Bose Madam ….and my buddies…Nandi – she was just like Priti in this movie…but we also had someone who was just like Komal, her name was Afroz – she had a very heavy voice and boys used to tease her a lot but we made it our strength!!! I also remember Chandrakala – she was someone whom we can relay and trust upon when its crisis 🙂
Yes, you can say when I was watching this movie…it was not movie that I was into it was something that I was replaying my past and believe me it was more or less like live match!
Exact like in this movie, we lost one match to Bombay Team who was playing very rough and foul but overall performance wise they didn’t score points since they were hitting on body with hockey stick! I also have a mark on my right hand’s thumb! But then we won the match with Southern Command…it was a real victory for us to get selected in the Nationals and we did!!!

“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”

Today when I look at it …it’s a medal I feel which brings all those memories of those games, practices …those tough work-outs before the match and motivating words from our Coach! Coach Kariaapa is not any kind but he was one of the selectors for National Girls Hockey Team, I always feel proud to mention this as I was groomed under his guidance!

“A life of frustration is inevitable for any coach whose main enjoyment is winning.” ~ Chuck Noll

One thing is there being in a team teaches one a lot many things! Today I hear parents talk about sending there kids to day-care assuming there child will grow faster and will learn to socialize but I would say instead make sure the kids are in some team-events where one learns a lot – sharing, supporting, helping in need and overall the sportsmanship spirit where you treat your opponents also with respect! A true character build course in short: D

“Love is the force that ignites the spirit and binds teams together.” ~ Phil Jackson

One thing I will not forget to mention…during my hockey tenure it was my mom who supported me through out! She used to encourage me to go for my practices and she was the one who used to bring different sports t-shirts for me so that I look her star on the hockey ground: D!!!

“We deceive ourselves when we fancy that only weakness needs support. Strength needs it far more.” ~ Anne Sophie Swetchine

But its true girls were always discouraged to play hockey for some or the other backward thinking/ reasons! I feel proud my parents never felt so! In stead they helped others to send there kids into this sport. During this time, I had one of the fans (that’s all I know of fact), Meena who has a craze of my game and the way I used to carry my hockey stick and guess what the first opportunity she got to join the team she sent me a letter saying I was the reason where she is today! She played for the State and got into Railways…that’s all I know the latest but am sure where ever she is …she is doing at her best 😀 ! Am proud of her and her achievements!

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” ~ Michael Jordan

Tears came out in the end when I saw the team spirit in this movie as that was one of the key element we had in our team…no one was against each other…as they showed in the movie…but yes it took a lot of effort and support from team members to get bring that tuning in the characteristics of ours!
I wish for once we all meet again…never know when and where they all are…!

I pay my respect and love to my hockey team through this post
Chak de (Go for It!), Team!!

“The past is never dead, it is not even past.” ~William Faulkner


12 thoughts on ““Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”

  1. haan khud ek hockey ke khiladi ke liye ye film to purani yaadon ko taaza karne wali hogi. Bharat mein akhbaron, blogs, websites sab jagah isi film ke charche hain.Har akhbaar Negi ke interview ke liye daauda aa raha hai. Pak se asiad final ka wo match bhi doosre ke ghar jakar humne dekha tha. 7-1 ki haar ko pachana poore desh ke liye mushkil tha. Par doordarshan ke camerawork ne poor defence ki undekhi kar sara dosh negi ke maththe madh diya tha.mujhe ye film dekhni hai.aapki ye post achchi lagi.

  2. its nice how the movie made u reminisce bout ur school life…and like u rightfully said, the movie wasn’t a hit because of sharukh…each girl played quite a strong part 🙂

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  4. <>manish<>: Baat humne bhi suni thi…aur jab bhi hockey ki halat desh mein dekhne milta hai who waqai dard se bhara afsana lagta hai! Kaash! Koi iss sangharsh mein kisi ka to saath de!Shukriya ehasaason ko samajhne ka!Cheers<>starry nights<>: Good am glad you will enjoy this movie then for both reasons 😉 as SRK did a good job :D!Thanks dearCheers<>movie mazaa<>: Yes and I guess first movie on hockey from Bollywood 😀Thanks dearCheers<>michelle<>: Thanks dear! Yes, you should have read the gals used to get up at 4 and play till noon! This was going on for 6 months…can you imagine they are not even actors..! I think there performance really needs to be cheered!Cheers<>krystyna<>: OMG that’s a big honor my dearest! I just don’t know how to thank you even for considering me for the award 😀Hugggzzz to you my dear!Cheers<>cyberkitty<>: Yeah we also had couple of gals who used to like to carry hockey stick but left with the first game itself: DI think if you like the game then you won’t worry about the hit 😉Cheers dear<>unaiza nasim<>: JI janab aap kahan hain aajkal 😉Cheers<>white forest<>: Welcome dear and do visit again!Wow…I can understand my feeling but you feeling it make me feel amazed! Thanks dearCheers<>jyoti<>: welcome dearAnd thanks so much pls come againCheers

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