"If you want peace, work for justice"

The day was busy since morning. Lot to read and check mails and then meet couple of people of which one of the lunch appointment I had to cancel, just coz I felt like going home and have lunch with parents 🙂

“The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.” ~Thomas Jefferson

Happen to watch the movie ‘American Gangster’, boy I didn’t know that these two amazing Academy Award Winners Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe both are going to be in it. It was tough for me in the beginning whom to support and I had a slight fear that I might be bias but hey …this is what we say about the best ….you can clearly make out about their talent. You cannot do injustice as their performance will not allow you to do so 🙂

“Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful, and whatever is powerful may be just.” ~ Blaise Pascal

Amazing movie about a true story of Harlem in 70’s, seems like it was the worst period in history with poverty, drugs etc. In the movie I enjoyed very much the end part where Russell is trying hard to find all the evidence against our man Denzel and at the end both walk away together … 😉

Now what happens in between is something worth watching so if you can tolerate a bit of
Abusive language and crime sequences then I guess its worth watching. C’mon now who doesn’t want to see these two hot guys on screen together 😉

“Justice has nothing to do with what goes on in a courtroom; Justice is what comes out of a courtroom” ~ Clarence Darrow

As usual I learnt a lot from the bad guy and the good guy too :)! And as they say at the end it’s the truth that wins, it’s the good that rules over evil.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” ~ Galileo Galilei


9 thoughts on “"If you want peace, work for justice"

  1. <>priya<>: Yes indeed…try sometimes and lets hear from you 😉Cheers dear<>art<>: Thanks dearCheers<>keshi<>: Thank you dear for everythingHugggz to you my dearCheers<>rachana<>: I am happy to see you here dear 🙂Cheers<>how do we know<>: am glad I could do so 😀Thanks dear and cheers

  2. Yes Dawn. What a performance. Can’t be less when you Denzel and Russle Crowe are there. Enjoyed very bit of it.Did you watch The greate debators? Directed by Denzel. Excellent one. Watch soon.

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