“True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right.”

It’s Independence Day in India and Pakistan and I am sure people are celebrating the moment.
My friend from India was asking me what’s the plan and I was telling him that nothing much as it’s a working day for us.

I just put the question to him and since he is in defense he said he will be having parade, then flag hosting, lunch with other officers and lots of fun!

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” ~ Buddha

I was thinking and I am letting you too ~ are we really Independent?
What does Independence to a country mean for the people of that country?

Think it’s a thought to ponder and do let me know….

Happy Weekend to all

“When we are happy we are always good, but when we are good we are not always happy.” ~ Oscar Wilde


8 thoughts on ““True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right.”

  1. I was thinking and I am letting you too ~ are we really Independent?What does Independence to a country mean for the people of that country?Nope. Not at all. We are still being bound or worse still being ruled by someone or some other people at every point. Independence in its true sense is still far away from us.ammu.

  2. Interesting post sweetz. Cos I hv alot to say on this topic 🙂**are we really Independent?What does Independence to a country mean for the people of that country?I’m not a Nationalist. I never say Im proud to be Sri Lankan/Aussie/Indian etc etc. Not cos I’m not proud of my origins but I don’t u’stand wut ppl means when they say that.Instead of my Nationality, I’d rather be proud of my HUMANITY.On Indep. Day, alot of ppl (in Sri Lanka too), gather and go on parades etc etc. But they do that only on Indep. Day! The rest of the days in the year, no one even talks abt Freedom, Compassion, Love to one another. Instead there’s a bloody war going on between the Sinhalese n Tamils for 20+ years!Now if these ppl really stopped n practised FREEDOM/INDEPENDENCE I dun think our country wud be shedding tears for this long. My point is, its so easy for many ppl to get carried away with National pride on Indep. Day but really do nothing for their country! So I say NO, we r not really Independent…in many ways. We r still bound by HATRED in many countries. And up until that’s cleared, we shall remain Fake freedom enjoyers 🙂U asked us what does Independence to a country mean for the people of that country?I say even if one citizen in that country is being ill-treated or discriminated for his race/culture/language etc, then NO that country still hasnt achieved Independence.Independence to me is being able to be myself. also w.o. treading on another’s freedom to be himself.My next post will be abt this. 🙂 tnxx Dawny for making me express here too HUGS!Keshi.

  3. Dawn,definitely..we are independent…but again not a complete one…but that is bound to happen…i total independent nation will be a dream only..staying in India, independence to me will not be the same to some other person..i feel, its very subjective..!

  4. Independence Day is something to think about being unity among us, remembering how nation got freedom becoming united in fighting against ill treatment and slavery of capturing countries. Loved buddha’s thought!

  5. <>tulipspeaks<>: Thanks Ammu for sharing your true views, I appreciate it.Cheers dear<>keshi<>: 🙂 I knew someone will have something to say here – Keshi dear There are so many things which is common in us 🙂 and I feel we are twin sis 😉Hugz dear – luv uCheers<>priya<>: WOW…less words but you gave an insight of all 🙂Thanks dear !Cheers<>vinz aka vinu aka vinayak<>: I agree with what you said! It is different and hence My question was here as I can understand what it feels to be for different people.Thanks dear n Cheers<>jeevan<>: I agree with you, I always remember those people who sacrificed specially people like Bhagat Singh who were so young yet were crazy gave away there life knowingly because they felt they can bring awareness among their own people – like a big cause by giving away life…I always felt he shouldn’t have gone at such young age…and see what is happening after there sacrifices…!Thanks dear – you add a valid point hereCheers

  6. Dawn,I have always wondered, why the day should be called the Independence Day..May be we should coin something like Interdependence Day..A good thought brought out in the post

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