Life is festival only to the wise

I was wondering this morning when I got up, no matter what ups and downs one has in life it’s the small festivals and cultural events that bring life overall in the surroundings.

Its so amazing that ramadaan has started already and others have either Ganesh festival or Onam (in Kerala) and all these colorful events, food and get together programs makes everyone leave their grievances and in-differences and unite them as one.

“Festival of the impassioned efforts and manifold ambitions of all forms of youthful activity of every generation springing from the threshold of life.” ~ Pierre de Coubertin

I don’t know even if many things I am not able to celebrate but when I see others do, the excitement itself brings a splash of rainbow colors in my heart and mind.

I want to wish everyone Happy Ramadan, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and Happy Onam.

May the festivity bring happiness, good health and peace to this world.

“The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival…because when you are unhappy, you also throw unhappiness all around. ”


16 thoughts on “Life is festival only to the wise

  1. <>art<>: Yes dear…there are so many more festivals just like the number of languages – so many festivals tooto celebrate :), I think sometimes its just a reason to enjoy and have fun …lolThanks & Cheers<>myspace layout editor background<>: Thank you if you find this as a story and that too amazingCheers<>good stock picks<>: Thank youCheers<>priya<>: Thanks dear and I wish you the same tooCheers<>krystyna<>: Thank you dear and am glad you like the picturesHugz and Cheers<>deepak gopi<>: Thank you dear, and I wish you the same – Onam ashamsagal 🙂Cheers<>jeevan<>: Thank you and I hope you enjoy the same tooCheers

  2. Happy Ramadan…Hi… Howz you…I’m in Dubai so its more of Ramadan all around but missing the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration of Mumbai like anything 😉🙂CheerssPuneet 😉(from Puneetdreamz)

  3. Dawn,The post is like a festivel bonanza..Eid Mubarak and Onam Wishes!When is the moon showing up, I mean the Eid ul-Fitr? Any clues?Hope you had a good weekend too

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