Light is good from whatever lamp it shines… ;-)

Happy Festivities Friends – When I say that it speaks about the festivals that have come and gone but still left the fragrance of it yet, other festivals are on the way.
In all this my birthday too came in and this year I felt I am born again and hence the childhood days and memories kicked-in once again.
Dia was born in the year of Diwali – the festival of light. Her name indicated that when her father insisted on naming Dia (lamp).
A lamp is very symbolic in everyone’s life which spreads and gives out light. It takes away the darkness and brings you in light to see things clearly.
Dia had those qualities as well because she used to bring the cheerfulness and happiness with whom ever she met and been with.
Life was so easy that she didnt realize when she finished her studies and when she took the serious steps of life to get into married life.
Life only gets complicated when we make it. So did happen to Dia also. The girl who had the dreams to fly and live them, couldn’t continue to it as the family need came in front of her eyes.
She burned like a lamp to give the light to the family. All the ups and downs were taken care of and yet she didn’t made realize her family the pain that she is going through to bring that light to the family.
Family had no clue as things were going normal and as usual. Everything was rosy and dandy until when Dia had a stroke.
She was rushed to hospital in the emergency and by the time family reached the hospital – Dia was declared to be bed-ridden for her life.

 Imagine a person who has lived life by her own terms and ways, what could this bring to? She wanted to show her anger and frustration but sad she couldn’t even do that. Her body doesn’t respond anymore. Her eyes were the only source which kept the communication on.

Tears rolled out again and again. She looked up in the sky thinking why did God do this to me when he knows that I am needed for my family. Why he had to cut this source in such a brutal way – can’t he see my kids? can’t he have mercy on them and could have saved me from this situation?
There was no God present who could have given answer to all her queries. She cried and cried and begged to all Gods in the world to make her better for family sake.
But as they say, the lamp keeps burning until there is oil in it. After that it gives only darkness to self and to others.
Life can become a tragedy from comedy if you don’t keep an eye on your lamps. Make sure you oil them and take care of them if you need that light from them.
“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark” ~ R. Tagore
I learned this from my parents that if something is precious to you make sure you keep it properly so that you have it all the time with you and available to you!
Happy Diwali, Happy Thanksgiving To All My Friends! I will be back again 😉


3 thoughts on “Light is good from whatever lamp it shines… ;-)

  1. Happy deepavali to you…

    The story here reminds me of one of my elder relatives. she is also bed ridden, but she has a understanding husband who has taken complete charge of home and office.

    **Life can become a tragedy from comedy if you don’t keep an eye on your lamps** but sumtimes we dont have control over the events

  2. Hi Dawn!
    When I read
    your posts
    my soul is always filled with the beauty of your words
    and the messages that you convey ..
    This post is also an important lesson.

    Light is good from whatever lamp it shines.

    Happy Birthday to you my dear friend!
    And Happy Diwali, Happy Thanksgiving to you also!

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